Lost Eidolons: New Game+ Introduced in Latest Update

Lost Eidolons
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Ocean Drive Studio, the company that developed Lost Eidolons, really wants you to run it all back once you’ve finished the game for the first time with New Game+, a feature introduced in the most recent update.

Lost Eidolons is a turn-based tactical RPG where you play as Eden - a charming mercenary captain who was forced to become a rebel leader. Your task is to amass a group capable enough of defeating the Imperial Army and the iron-fisted conqueror, Ludivictus.

Now, the new feature is unlocked after you’ve successfully completed all 27 chapters, with the ending clear game data saved. With New Game+, you can start a fresh campaign and you have complete control over which data you want to carry over from your last playthrough.

You have the option to enable/disable the following:

  • Mastery
  • Class EXP
  • Rapport Levels
  • Leadership
  • Codex
  • Common to Legendary Equipment
  • Unique Equipment
  • Rapport Items
  • Documents and Quest Items
  • Gold
  • +2 Skill Slots

The company has also implemented some bug fixes and improvements requested by the community. For instance, character animations like the blinking of the eyes have been improved. But most importantly, you can now pause the dialogue cutscenes if you want to.


  • Dialogue scenes have been improved
    • Background images behind the characters have been refreshed
    • The presentation of the speaking character has been refreshed
    • UI of the dialogue text has been improved
    • Some character animation like eye blinking has been improved
  • Character list and information UI are improved
    • Characters can be sorted by: 1. Levels (high to low) 2. Order of recruitment
    • Icons have been added to show mastered classes and skills
  • Additions were made to the endings’ dialogue
    • Improved UI for conversation options for those that affect the ending
  • Game Stability has been improved by optimizing the battle save file size
  • Reduced the number of sword swings that take place during battle dialogues
  • Sharpshooter and Ranger units’ outfits have been switched per the original design.
  • Dialogue cutscenes including the camp cutscenes can now be paused
  • Character menu UI improvements
    • Character and Equipment menus now display mastery information
    • Mastery requirement of the equipped equipment now shows up on the equipment description window
    • Skill menu is improved
    • The order of the skill menu has been improved to show the equipped skills show first
    • Equipped skill UI has been improved
  • Screen brightness will be reset to default value of 50 due to cutscene improvements in the patch
    • Please adjust and save the brightness as needed
  • Hotkey to end Camp dialogue has been added - “Esc” on keyboard and “B” for gamepad
  • Fixed the issue where some of the characters’ codex could not be opened (Borislav, Gisep, Leta, Merton, Pavlo, Rafael, Viturin)
  • Fixed the issue where the character model was broken if the character was selected from the character screen using a hotkey
  • Fixed the tooltip location of the rapport menu
  • Corrected Eden’s position on the podium during Advancement Ceremony
  • Fixed the untranslated text in the skill mastery popup menu in battle

So, are you going to try the New Game+ feature soon?

Lost Eidolons is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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