Lost Ark September 7 Patch: Stronghold Updates, Proving Grounds Tweaks, and More

Lost Ark
Lost Ark Smilegate

Lost Ark, the 2.5D MMO role-playing game by Smilegate, received a major update yesterday. The September 7 patch brought several QoL features, balancing changes, Stronghold tweaks, and multiple bug fixes and improvements.

Several new settings for UI Display settings have been added. Players can now tweak HUD Size, Buff Icon Size, and Buff Icon Display Priority. A new tab named Combat Related Settings has been added under Gameplay. The locations of several existing settings are changed, so they are under this new tab now.

  • Reduced the position selection phase in Team Elimination from 20s to 10s.
  • Added an option to skip cinematics when starting a PvP match.
  • Added a free camera in Team Deathmatch spectator mode.
    • You can move the camera point of view with the W, A, S, and D keys.
    • You can zoom in/out the camera with the Q and E keys.
    • You can adjust the camera movement speed with the Z and C keys.
    • You can switch between full-screen and specific participant cameras using Number Pad 1-9 keys.
  • The Recommended Strongholds tab in the Stronghold Members menu has been improved with additional filters.
  • Added a Stronghold Activity Notebook that contains weekly missions and replaces the previous weekly Stronghold quests.
  • Pet Ranch Updates
    • Split the available items in the Jelly Cookie Exchange shop between 3 separate tabs:
      • Pet supplies
      • Skin
      • Other
    • Added new items to the Pet Ranch Vendor
      • Legendary - Rare Card Pack
      • Eternity Essence
      • Phoenix Plume
  • Improved the Stronghold HUD in the upper-left corner and added a “Like Button” called Saved Stronghold.
    • Added new Achievements and a reward for the total number of accumulated “Likes” (Saved Stronghold).
  • All guide quest icons conducted in the Stronghold changed to orange-colored icons.
  • The “Visit Stronghold” button in the Friends & Guild UI is now always activated.
  • Added an option in the Global Chat menu to immediately access any player’s Stronghold in their region.
  • Added Stronghold Badges shown in the Profile menu earned after meeting various Achievements.
  • You can now acquire Stronghold Badges from completing various activities related to the Stronghold.
  • Instead of having to manually place each piece of a Stronghold prop theme yourself, a new Theme Placement menu has been added which allows you to place a single pre-arranged object containing all the required items. If you do not have the items, then you can also buy them in this menu.

You can read the complete patch notes via the official site, including the balancing changes, Guild updates, and more.

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