Lost Ark: The Reaper Has Arrived in Feast with Friends Update

New Advanced Class: Reaper
New Advanced Class: Reaper Amazon Game Studios

Reaper, the third advanced class for the Assassin, is now playable in Lost Ark: Feast with Friends Update. What does this dagger-wielding class have to offer? Read further to learn more.

The Fate of the Enemy is Grim

The Reaper’s identity revolves around three different attack modes. The Normal Mode is the one that the Reaper starts with. While in this mode, two meters start filling up depending on certain factors.

Normal Mode
Normal Mode Amazon Game Studios

The “Persona Meter” fills up over time, though this process can be sped up every time one of the Reaper’s skills hit the target. The “Chaos Meter,” on the other hand, is filled up through the continuous use of Dagger and Shadow skills while the Persona Meter is full. It’s important to note that the "Z" key should not be used when attempting to max up the Chaos Meter because doing so causes the Reaper to enter Persona Mode.

Anyway, a few things happen when Persona Mode is activated. First, the Reaper summons a Shadow Illusion. Second, they become stealthy and gain a huge 30% movement speed boost; useful when trying to get behind enemies. And third, the gauge starts decreasing slowly and the Reaper goes back to Normal Mode once it’s depleted. In addition, the damage of their “Swoop Skills” is increased by 25% which can stack up to five times.

Persona Mode
Persona Mode Amazon Game Studios

Unlike the previous mode, the Reaper enters Chaos Mode just by filling up the Chaos Meter. In other words, it cannot be activated manually. Despite this limitation, Chaos Mode provides the Reaper with amazing buffs, including a 15% increase in critical rate, a 10% increased movement speed, and a 10% increased attack speed.

The mode lasts for nine seconds initially, but as long as the Dagger Skills hit the enemy during this time, while also utilizing Shadow Skills occasionally, the Reaper can enjoy being in Chaos Mode for as long as they like.

Chaos Mode
Chaos Mode Amazon Game Studios

Reaper Skill Highlights

  • Nightmare: Throw a dagger at the target location to inflict Damage. Use the skill again and teleport behind the hit target if there is no obstacle between you and the foe. Move Speed +10% for 2s after teleportation.
  • Shadow Vortex: Gather strength and pull foes to you, inflicting Damage. Use the skill again to deliver a powerful spinning blow, inflicting Damage.
  • Spirit Catch: Perform a quick thrust forward to inflict Damage, then dart 4 meters in the same direction and deliver one final attack that knocks foes down for Damage.
  • Distortion: Call forth the darkness of a twisted space to quickly move 10 meters forward, inflicting Damage to foes caught in the path. Inflict additional Damage to foes in your path upon landing. Ignore collisions with adventurers and Guardians.
  • Call of the Knife: Summon the Reaper's blade at the target location, inflicting Dark Damage to foes within a 3-meter radius. Foe Move Speed reduced temporarily. The Reaper's Sword pulls foes close as it inflicts Damage and explodes, inflicting Dark Damage. The Move Speed debuff can be stacked up to 5 times, causing temporary Fear in foes for max stack.
  • Shadow Storm: Move 2 meters forward and thrust your weapon to inflict Damage, then summon shadows to viciously cut and slice foes for Damage over 10 hits. Use Flurry to the end to move 6 meters forward and inflict Damage. Cancel Flurry midway to inflict Damage. Airborne foes are launched back into the air when hit and knocks them back.
  • Dance of Fury: Gather red shadow energy to quickly move forward, inflicting Damage. Inflict additional Damage to airborne foes. Perform another slash for Damage as you return to your position.
  • Silent Rage: Jump 3 meters backward and gather dark energy to shoot yourself forward, slashing foes for Damage and knocking them down as you move. Ignore collisions with adventurers and Normal monsters while moving.

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