Lost Ark: Developers Launch New Gold System in Latest Update to Solve the Growing Economic Problem

Feast with Friends Update
Feast with Friends Update Amazon Game Studios

The Feast with Friends Update for Lost Ark introduces a new system that the developers hope will lessen the consequences of economic inflation introduced by bots.

If you’ve been playing Lost Ark for a while, then you know how prevalent bots are in the game. In fact, even prominent content creators like Asmongold have said that it is a massive problem that the developers should address because they can ruin the game’s economy and they can overload the servers, preventing real people from playing and enjoying the title.

That said, the recent Feast with Friends Update has put some things in place to try and combat Lost Ark’s economic inflation. The developers have employed a two-pronged approach to solving the problem.

First, the dev team removed some common methods the bots use to generate gold, including ones that can be gotten from the Rapport System and the completion of the Welcome Quest, to name a few.

Second, they added a new shop where you can spend your gold to buy honing materials, Engravings, etc. The reason for its introduction is to provide you with an avenue to purchase impactful items using excess gold. This means that the gold is going to an NPC, not to other players.

This Gold Shop will be in the game until December 14 and developers will evaluate whether to keep the shop after the said date.

It will be interesting to see how this new system and set of adjustments pan out. Will these changes discourage botters from ruining the game? Only time will tell.

Update Highlights

  • Added a Gifting feature within Strongholds.
    • Players can open the Gifting menu using Ctrl + 6 while in their Stronghold. You can send gifts to the Stronghold owner while visiting another player's stronghold, or guests within your Stronghold. As a guest, you can send gifts while in another player's Stronghold even if they aren't present.
  • There are a few requirements for the items being gifted:
    • It must be an item purchased from the in-game store with Royal Crystals
    • It must not have an active trade restriction.
    • Individual pet/skins/mount items cannot be gifted. Chest items that contains pet/skins/mount can be gifted.
    • Gifts that are not claimed within 30 days will be returned to the sender.
  • A quiz can be sent alongside a gift. This allows the sender to add a question and 4 answers with the gift. If the recipient selects an incorrect answer, the gift will be returned to the sender.
  • Added PvP bots to Team Death Match Custom Matches. Other game modes will not have the option to add bots. The class the bot is using can be changed after it has been added, and 4 classes are able to be selected: Berserker, Scrapper, Artillerist, and Sorceress.
  • Added a feature allowing players to view and copy other player's Book of Coordination presets shown on the PvP leaderboards.

Lost Ark Feast with Friends Update is available on PC.

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