Lost Ark: The Arcanist Arrives in Latest Update

New Advanced Class: The Arcanist
New Advanced Class: The Arcanist Amazon Game Studios

The Arcanist has finally arrived in Lost Ark. This is the third advanced class for the mage, following the Bard and Sorceress. What makes Arcanists distinct is their use of magic-infused cards that provide various effects. Some can deal damage, while others can improve the Arcanist’s abilities.

The Arcanist’s skills are split into three categories. The first is known as the “Normal” skills, and using them builds up the Arcanist’s special meter. The other two categories are called Stacking and Ruin skills. Stacking skills are attacks that can build up to four stacks on the enemy. Ruin skills, on the other hand, consume all of the stacks built up on the target, creating opportunities to deal massive damage.

This advanced class has a Card Deck with a special meter; successfully hitting enemies with normal skills charges the card meter. Once charged, a random card will be drawn from the deck. Now, the deck can hold two cards at a time, which can be activated by pressing the “Z” and “X” keys on the keyboard.

Here’s a rundown of the cards available in the deck:

  • Three-Headed Snake Card: Basic Attack changes into 3 directions for 16 seconds. On hit, earn 1 stack. Damage to foes +100%. Damage to Challenge or lower monsters +400%.
  • Mayhem Card: For 30 seconds, Atk. Speed +3% for 4 seconds every time skills are used, up to 15%.
  • Twisted Fate Card: For 4 seconds, your skill damage either stays the same or increases by 40%.
  • Corrosion Card: For 30 seconds, gain a 30% chance of +10% damage to the foe for 5 seconds.
  • Cull Card: For 4 seconds, Crit Rate for all skill attacks is 100% and Crit Damage +50% when they hit 1 foe.
  • Balance Card: For 30 seconds, your Stacking skills are enhanced and grant you 1 more stack with each hit.
  • Judgment Card: For 4 seconds, Ruin skills always trigger the 4 stack effect, regardless of the actual number of stacks cast upon foes.
  • Moon Card: Cooldown -10% and MP Recovery Speed increase +20% for 30 seconds.
  • Star Card: Recovers 100% MP. Remaining skills cooldown -15% except for Awakening, Movement, and Stand Up skills.
  • Wheel of Fortune Card: The cooldown of the next skill decreases by 100%.
  • Royal Card: Fills empty card slots. You can obtain up to 2 cards.
  • Emperor Card: Inflict damage to foes within a 14-meter radius. (Class Engraving dependent)

There are three cards that stand out from the bunch. Cull is one of them because of the guaranteed skill crits. The next is Balance for the additional stack per hit when using Stacking skills. The last one is Judgment due to its ability to empower Ruin Skills, triggering their four-stack effect regardless of the actual number of stacks built up on the enemy.

You can learn more about the Arcanist on Lost Ark’s official site.

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