Lost Ark Has 1.3 Million Concurrent Players Less Than a Week After Launch

An exciting milestone.
An exciting milestone. Tripod Studio

It's been less than a week since Lost Ark was released, and it looks like the game is off to a good start. For starters, the game has more than 1.325 million concurrent players, which makes it Steam's second-highest played game of all time. What else? For the first three days after launch, there were at least 4.7 million new registered players in the West, with 55% of them from the Americas and 45% from Europe.

It's also worth noting that on Twitch, there were more than 112,000 total streams with 1.2 million concurrent viewers and 59.9 million hours watched.

In a statement, VP at Amazon Games Christoph Hartmann shared that they are both pleased and humbled by the players' response to the game. He added that they were working with Smilegate RPG to bring in more content as well as regular updates.

Meanwhile, VP of Games at Amazon Mike Frazzini revealed that their goal is to be the most customer-obsessed company in games not just for players but also developers. Frazzini said that this is their first externally-developed game and encouraged with the early player reception.

Review Bombs

While the figures are indeed impressive, it seems that the game isn’t doing so well in terms of reviews. As of this writing, the reviews are mixed. According to a report, the game is getting review bombs because of server issues.

Last week, it was revealed that a limit was placed on character creation for new players because of the large queue times. There were even issues that needed to be resolved that resulted in the launch being delayed.

The game is set in Arkesia, a world where people have enjoyed peace for 500 years. That amount of time appears to be enough for the people to forget about a war between the gods and demons, which resulted in the world being torn apart. For many, The Ark is merely a legend. However, with the darkness making its way back, it may be the only hope the world has.

Learn more about the lore and the game here.

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