Long Keith The Sausage Thief Brings Nostalgia With A Twist

This "reverse" snake is a whole lot of fun.
This "reverse" snake is a whole lot of fun. Pack It Up Boys

If you're one of those who remember the time when Nokia dominated the mobile phone market, then you are sure to remember the game Snake. Long Keith The Sausage Thief brings back those fond memories, but with a certain twist.

For those note familiar, Snake is a video game concept where the player move a line that grows in length with the line itself becoming the main obstacle. If it's still not familiar, then think Slither.io.

Long Keith The Sausage Thief pretty much follows similar rules with the main exception being that by default, Keith is a nervous dog that continues to grow longer. He needs to steal and eat sausages in order to be calm and reduce in size. However developer Pack It Up Boys did not leave it at that, as Long Keith also comes with these other features:

  • Explore the Sausageverse across 50 levels of increasing difficulty and challenge throughout five different worlds.
  • Can you become the best sausage smuggler in the world? Keep improving your scores to climb the leaderboards.
  • Use your skills to unlock 20 different costumes for Keith. Collect them all and equip your favourites.
  • Each world introduces new mechanics and adds a spicy new twist to the gameplay, making it easy to play, but hard to master.
  • Each level has three Stars to unlock, can you achieve them all?
  • Eat golden sausages to poop rainbows and propel yourself into the fourth dimension!
  • We've developed two super intuitive control schemes. Take your pick: Swiping the screen or tapping!

Back Story

If you're wondering how this game came to be, it started back in February when game developer Oliver Hindle started to stream a "Make a game in one hour" challenge. The goal of the challenge was to create a small, yet complete, game within one hour. It was during this challenge that Oliver came up with the basic of a reverse snake prototype. In the classic Snake eating makes you grow, but in his version, eating items results in shrinking. Indeed this simple twist on a classic resulted in new and exciting gameplay.

To complete the prototype, Oilver partner with Steven ‘Soxy’ Brooker and formed Pack It Up Boys. Since the game's entire development was broadcast on Twitch, a lot of the features came from suggestions made in the chat. This resulted in a community-made game that has increased in scope.

It took seven more months before the duo released the final version that has become Long Keith The Sausage Thief. The game is so far limited on the Google Play store.

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