Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review: Made For The Couch And The Streets

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The Logitech G433 is a great headset for gaming and everything else.
The Logitech G433 is a great headset for gaming and everything else. Logitech

When you think of the phrase “gaming headset,” your mind is probably filled with images of black plastic and neon lights. Who knows, you might even throw in a pair of cat ears into your thought of what a “gaming headset” might be. Logitech is looking to counter that image with the G433 headset: a device made for both getting the best out of your games as well as something that’s good enough to leave the house with.

The immediate thought upon seeing the G433 for the first time is these headphones look like something that from Beats by Dre. The headset comes in black, red, blue, or a dark blue camo design exclusive to Best Buy. The ear cups are entirely covered in a mesh-like fabric, giving the headset a discreet, but distinct look.

The red G433, showing off the mesh exterior
The red G433, showing off the mesh exterior Logitech

Included in the box is a G433 headset, a standard 3.5mm headphone cable with volume controls, an additional 3.5mm cable with a hands-free microphone for making phone calls, a splitter cable for PC gamers, a USB digital-to-analog converter box, a detachable microphone, a set of additional ear padding made with a different material and a carrying bag to hold everything in.

While there are extra ear pads, I am at a loss for how you actually take off the pads that are already on the headset. I’ve tried everything short of ripping the headset in two, but the pads just don’t seem to budge. It’s nice that Logitech is offering the additional set, but I wish it was a little more simple to swap them out.

Because the headset uses a basic 3.5mm jack, it is compatible with just about every device out there. This means you can use the same headset on your Xbox One, PS4, phone (sorry, iPhone 7 users) and more. This furthers the message that these headphones aren’t just for gaming, but for everyday use as well.

While the headphones may be designed to look like fashionable, this doesn’t mean they are skimping on the technical side either. The G433s sound wonderful, with audio coming in crystal clear. If you are playing on PC, you’ll have access to the Logitech Gaming Software, allowing you to fine-tune the headphones and even set different audio profiles for different games.

The detachable microphone has a built-in pop screen to be rid of fuzzy balls
The detachable microphone has a built-in pop screen to be rid of fuzzy balls Logitech

The ear cups even have a specially-designed acoustic port built into them. If you look at higher-end speakers, you’ll notice many of them have a big space to allow for better airflow. The G433s also have a similar port built right behind the headband to allow for similar functionality.

As for online play, the microphone is flexible and can be bent to whatever angle you want. The end of the microphone also has a very tiny pop filter built right into it. This pop filter is like the fuzzy, black balls you see on many microphones, except designed to not be as obstructive as those.

Additionally, the included cables feature a five pole double grounded system, which eliminates any electronic bleeding. If you’ve used a gaming headset in the past and your friends could hear the game audio while you were talking, this isn’t because the microphone was picking up the audio from the headset. The signal can actually get mixed together through the cable. With the fancy cables included, the only sound you’ll send out over the mic is your voice.

The one huge advantage the G433s have over other Logitech headsets is the fact that there is no creaking sounds. It seems in all the pairs of Logitech headsets I’ve worn before, the ear cups would creak when you rotate your head. Sitting still and not moving is fine, but the second you moved to the side, you’d get a loud creaking sound right in your ear. Thankfully, the G433s are nice and quiet when wearing them.

The G433s are also the lightest over-ear headset that Logitech has released. This means you can wear the headphones for longer without your neck feeling like it’s been entered into a weightlifting competition or like it’s pressing down into your head. The included ear pads are pretty comfortable, however they can squeeze a little too hard on my glasses at times.

Priced at $99.99, these aren’t the most expensive nor are they cheapest headsets on the market right now. Considering all of the included gear, the ability to use the Logitech Gaming Software to customize audio on PC and the general aesthetic look of the headset, there’s a lot going for it.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming headset, or even a one-pair-fits-all pair of headphones, you can’t go wrong with the G433s. This is a great mix of higher-end features without entering into the $100+ territory. While some may still find the price of the G433s a bit high, the quality does make everything worth it.

So what do you think? Are you interested in trying out the G433s for yourself? What gaming headset do you use right now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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