Logitech G Crushing Razer In PAX East Showdown

Logitech G Pro is faster than fast. Logitech G

In the world of competitive gaming a subtler, hidden competition takes place: hardware. From computer mice to keyboards to headsets, there are lots of companies vying for supremacy when it comes to being the hardware of choice for today’s top eSports stars. And Logitech G is bringing that spirit of competition right to the PAX East showfloor with a big red button.

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The Big Red Button Showdown Photo: iDigitalTimes/Mo Mozuch

The button is attached to a Raspberry Pi which operates two mechanical keyboards simultaneously: the Razer Black Widow Chroma and the new Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard. It also measures the response time for both keyboards after the button press. Time and again, Logitech emerged the winner averaging about 10 milliseconds faster than Razer. While 10 milliseconds might not seem significant to a filthy casual like you or I, it translates to about two frames of CS:GO. In high stakes eSports two frames can make a huge difference.

So how did Logitech manage to shave precious milliseconds off the response time? For starters, the Logitech G Pro is built with the Romer-G switches Logitech has been using in its mechanical keyboards for awhile now. They boast a 1.5mm actuation and a 3mm travel distance, about 25 percent faster than standard keyboards. Faster is better even if you don’t need it, but if you do need it you’ll be glad it’s there. But the Logitech G Pro Keyboard takes it a step further by improving what’s under the hood, too. Logitech worked on improving the keyboard software itself, the keystroke signal processing (KSP), and that’s what is on display in the Big Red Button Showdown.

The Logitech G Pro keyboard also comes with some onboard customization options that allow players to change the RGB lighting patterns with keystroke commands. Previous keyboards only allowed for customization through the Logitech G software, and this functionality is going to be introduced to other keyboards in the Logitech family soon. It’s not vital to the competitive speed in any way, but it looks cool.

One other tweak to the Logitech G Pro keyboard is designed with eSports in mind - it’s tenkeyless. Chopping the number pad off the end allows for more room for mouse movement, something anyone with a tiny desk can appreciate not just eSports athletes. A detachable USB makes it more portable, too, so you can stick it in a backpack or suitcase with ease.

Is it the fastest keyboard out there? Maybe. But it’s definitely the fastest at PAX East 2017, with a big red button to prove it.

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