Live A Live Coming to PC and PlayStation April 27

Coming soon.
Coming soon. Square Enix

The HD-2D RPG Live A Live is launching April 27 on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. This game was released last year for Nintendo Switch, developed by Team Asano, the same group responsible for Triangle Strategy, Bravely Default II, and Octopath Traveler.

For those wondering what the game is all about, a free playable demo is now available on Steam and the PlayStation Store. In the demo, players can try out the opening sections of three of the eight stories of the game - The Wild West, Twilight of Edo Japan, and The Distant Future. Any saved progress can be carried over when you buy the full version.

In addition to a demo, pre-order on Steam or the PlayStation Store is now also available. There's an introductory discount of 20% for PlayStation Plus members who pre-order before the official launch. The same offer is available for those who buy the game on Steam before May 11.

The game offers players the ability to explore eight different stories through eight different characters, with each set in different time periods from pre-historic era to the Wild West. Plus, each chapter offers players various gameplay mechanics that they can master like stealth, suspense, and trap placement. A turn-based battle system is featured as well.

Players can also customize their gameplay adventure to match their preference. This is because the episodic story format allows them to have the freedom to finish each chapter from start to finish in whatever order they want. They can even play through a little bit of every chapter in parallel at the same time.

Live A Live was originally developed and published by Square Enix released in 1994 for Super Famicom. This latest version uses HD-2D technology and combines modern graphics with the nostalgia of pixel art. It sports classic RPG gameplay experience with updated visuals for PC and PlayStation consoles.

Longtime fans of the game need not be afraid of this version since it was produced by none other than Takashi Tokita, the game director of the original title. That's not all! Everyone can also enjoy the rearranged version of the soundtrack recreated through the supervision of the original composer Yoko Shimomura.

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