Live Action 'Lion King' Filming Starts May 2017: Still Not Sure Who's Playing Pumba

Pumba should be voiced by Zach Galifianakis, there I said it Disney

Fresh off the massive success of Beauty And The Beast , Disney has started filming of the live action Lion King. Jon Favreau’s take on Hamlet but with lions will start shooting in May 2017, according to MyEntertainmentWorld, a website that lists upcoming film projects.  The film will be an “adventure/comedy/drama” and shares the same synopsis as the original Lion King animated movie. Mufasa gets snuffed by Scar, Simba goes off into the wilderness and comes back to Pride Rock to claim his throne.

Disney has realized that they can bottle up nostalgia, throw some real actors into a green screen and make serious cash. With Beauty And The Beast looking at a three day $170 million opening weekend at the box office, we have to get used to seeing the same Disney stories over and over. Over the next decade there’s going to be live action movies for: Mulan, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, Snow White, Cruella De Ville, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Dumbo, Winnie The Pooh and Prince Charming , just to name a few.   

Did you guys know that the 1994 Lion King movie might have been a ripoff of a Japanese cartoon from the 1960s? Kimba The White Lion has the exact same story, same animals and even a few wacky hyenas. Simba’s white instead of yellow, so I guess that’s a difference?

James Earl Jones is playing Mufasa, so I’ll be watching this movie no matter what. Disney has Marvel, Star Wars and my soul.

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