LikeSo App Helps You Remove Filler Words From Your Speech

Use too many filler words? Use the LikeSo app to identify what you need to work on. LikeSo

Most people are guilty of using filler words -- phrases like “so,” “like,” “um,” and “you know what I mean” -- in their everyday language. For those looking to drop their habit, the LikeSo app helps you modify your speech.

“Using voice recognition technology, LikeSo provides you with real-time analysis of your speech fitness and calculates a score based on the number of filler words divided by the total words spoken,” says the app on its website.

The app requires the user to pick the words they want LikeSo to keep track of and place limitations for talk time (30 seconds or 60 seconds). Users can select two prompts: a “Talk About” prompt that provides a topic or a “FreeStyle” which lets the user talk about anything. The list of words the app will look out for includes: actually, ya know, whatever, like, totally, ok, I mean, just literally, sorry, so, basically, anyways, and right.

LikeSo lets you pick how you want to check for filler words. Photo: LikeSo

Once the user starts, the app listens for filler words, how many of the selected words were used in each answer, and keeps track of pace. At the end, the results page will give the user an articulation score that will tell you how well spoken you are. It will also break down how many fillers were found, how many words were spoken and what the pace was (words/minute).

LikeSo will give you a report card of how articulate you are. Photo: LikeSo

Apart from general curiosity, the app is functional for anyone looking to become more aware about how they speak. Whether in preparation for a job interview or a public speaking engagement, the LikeSo app can help you improve the way you speak.

“LikeSo is your personal speech coach,” says the app on its website. “LikeSo offers a private and fun way to train against your verbal habits and practice speaking articulately, confidently and without the “like, ya know” syndrome.”

The LikeSo app is available for iOS gadgets for 99 cents.

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