Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Brings Back Original Actors

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Life Is Strange
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Christmas came early this year for diehard Life Is Strange fans when Deck Nine Games announced Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch will reprise their respective roles as Max and Chloe in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm in 2018.

Telle and Burch were amongst many voice actors taking part in the SAG-AFTRA strike in 2017. Deck Nine Games, the studio behind Life Is Strange: Before The Storm , cast Rhianna DeVries to take over as Chloe during the strike. The studio thanked DeVries for her work on the game in a news release, but also expressed their excitement for Burch’s return as Chloe.

“The team here were thrilled to hear the news that both Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch were able to come back together again to voice Max and Chloe”, said Jeff Litchford, Vice President, Deck Nine Games. “We were really happy with Rhianna DeVrie’s performance as Chloe in Before the Storm and the fan reaction to her has been great, she’ll continue to work closely with us as part of a really close team we have created.”

While DeVries will no longer voice Chloe, the voice actress will continue to do the motion capture of young Chloe in “Farewell,” the bonus episode from Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition that will release early in 2018.

We’re excited for Telle and Burch to return as Max  and Chloe once again. DeVries did an excellent job capturing Chloe in the first two episodes of the Life Is Strange: Before The Storm , but Telle and Burch have a chemistry that really brings the story to life. Burch’s performance as Chloe is so raw and real, just like the character.

It’ll also be nice to see Chloe and Max together without the high stakes. We never got to see a happy Chloe and Max before the tragedy hit. Hopefully we’ll see Max, Chloe and her father William hanging out together before everything went to hell.

Watch Telle and Burch discuss their return to the franchise in the video below. Are you happy about the voice actresses’ return to Life Is Strange: Before The Storm or were you falling for the new cast? Let us know in the comments below.

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