Lethal League Blaze Update Adds New Options, Changes, and Bug Fixes

Lethal League Blaze
Lethal League Blaze steam

Team Reptile, the developer of Lethal League Blaze, just released a new update. It adds the gravity ball to lobby options with more controls and toggles. The ranking animation is a bit faster, which is cool.

Tons of changes have been made to Jet, Dice, Sonata, and Switch. Jet can now taunt hover after actions but can only hover twice per jump. Jet also has a spark effect for gaining a full special meter. The visualizer outfit now scales the effects according to your audio settings.

Additional Changes!

new options & menu tweaks

• added the gravity ball to lobby options
• lobby options have more controls and toggles
• head size cheats are now available for the host of an online lobby
• sped up ranking animation
• fixed ranking down to an empty division


• can now special from a successful parry
• can now taunt hover after actions
• can only hover twice per jump
• can now hover jumping out of a throw
• can now taunt hover jumping out of crouch
• crouching no longer resets a stored charge special


• special is slower along the wall
• can now use special without buffer at low speeds
• the special will not bunt out, if Dice is already bunting himself
• holding down-forward now bounces the special away from him
• can no longer aim his special right inside the right corner


• charge ground special now doubles speed on the last redirect instead of the first
• last special ground hit no longer cancels her actions, unless it's an expression
• crouch and expressions no longer reset a stored charge special


• can no longer special during powerup phases
• will no longer restart hit lag using special on the last frame

other fixes & changes

• Jet, Nitro, Grid, Toxic and Dust now also have a spark effect for gaining full special meter• Latch and Toxic will always bunt towards the wall when holding up• Latch can now jump cancel his wall release like Toxic• spike specials now always reset the smash multiplier
• you can now can turn cancel the whole run start
• a pivot can now end earlier
• Doombox' crouch special should no longer desync against a blaze getup
• slot priority conflict on grabbing a buffered parry fixed
• some remote parry interactions have been fixed
• visualiser outfit effects now scale with your audio settings

You can read more about the update here.

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