Legion TD 2 Ramps Up for Second Season and Players are Invited

Legion TD 2
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The second season for Legion TD 2 goes live next week. Before the new season begins though, developer AutoAttack Games will be hosting an event starting tomorrow.

Featured Event

Players can compete against each other in 1v1 action in the upcoming featured event. Skill-based matchmaking will be implemented, which means players are likely to get paired up with those of similar skills.

To make things more enticing, the Essence rewards are doubled compared to last year’s tournament. Those who get a top 10 finish will receive a whopping 25,000 Essences for their efforts. The players’ ratings are going to be visible not only for matchmaking purposes but for bragging rights as well.

New Units

AutoAttack Games is launching a new update for Legion TD 2 on January 6. However, the company has already revealed the new units that players can expect in the upcoming patch.

The Needler is a new mercenary unit with a considerably high HP of 3,700. It has the Rapid Fire ability which boosts its attack speed by 50% for five seconds, making it a devastating DPS unit.

New Unit: Needler
New Unit: Needler Steam

Another new unit that will be added to the game is the Shadow Dancer, a versatile fighter that has the ability to create a clone of itself. On top of that, the Shadow Dancer can be upgraded to the Dread Knight. It can also create a clone of itself, but this unit got better stats, including an HP of 3,520 and a DPS of 189.

New Unit: Shadow Dancer
New Unit: Shadow Dancer Steam
New Unit: Dread Knight
New Unit: Dread Knight Steam


  • New Player Experience
    • Improved new player Classic matchmaking/rating progression
    • UI now warns low-level players against playing Classic and recommends to play Ranked instead for fairer matches
  • Audio: Improved various cases where some sounds would be muted when there were a lot of sounds playing at once. Big battles should sound more alive, now.
  • Damage Taken Tracker: Now takes into account damage reduction & evasion. This should more accurately display which tanks are doing most of the work, as well as make Battle Scars more reliable to use.
  • Spectator Mode: Improved win probability formula. It continues to evolve

Bug Fixes

  • Client UI: Fixed some cases where displayed rating would be not fully up-to-date after finishing a game
  • Graphics: Fixed a bug where some missile impact VFX weren't showing up properly
  • Level Up: Fixed some rare cases where an AFK player would mistakenly earned XP/currency when they weren't supposed to
  • Client UI: Added a warning for players who sell/donate secret cards, to warn them that they lose the Monument slot that was unlocked by that card
  • Gameplay: Fixed another case where takeover bots in Classic were always sending every wave, even if all allies saved

Legion TD 2 Season 2 begins on January 10.

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