Legion TD 2: Latest Update Brings New Slime Units and Skins

New Units: Slime Larva and Slime Siren
New Units: Slime Larva and Slime Siren Steam

Things are getting a bit slimy in Legion TD 2 because of the new units added in the latest update. New skins are up for grabs as well.

There are two new slime units in Legion TD 2. The first is the Slime Larva, a basic Tier 2 fighter with 400 HP and 24 DPS. Its notable effect is that it leaves a Mini Slime behind when the unit dies.

The second unit is the Slime Siren. She is a Tier 2 upgrade with considerably larger HP and DPS stats than the Slime Larva. The Slime Siren has a special effect called Slime Propagation, where she gains mana whenever she attacks or is attacked by the enemy. When she dies, she leaves behind a Slime Larva. The Slime Siren spawns an extra Slime Larva when her mana is maxed out as well.

Aside from the new units, two new skins are up for grabs in the latest update for Legion TD 2: the Mecha Arctaire and Underworld Great Boar.

Mecha Arctaire
Mecha Arctaire Steam
Underworld Great Boar
Underworld Great Boar Steam
Patch Notes
Major Improvements
  • Interface: You can now queue mercenaries via hotkeys. Default is pressing Shift+A, Shift+S, etc. It is customizable in the Options > Controls menu.
  • Bots: Now a bit smarter in a variety of situations. Bots received some love as part of the development of the upcoming Desert Ridge campaign.
  • Campaign: Shadowynn and King Dan now perform more consistently (overall buff). Added a congratulations popup after you beat King Dan on Normal. Fixed some -restart bugs.
  • Performance: Improved performance when the wave starts (there’s more to still be done in future patches)
Minor Improvements
  • Game Coach: No longer warns/bothers you about your Mastermind roll if you picked Yolo
  • Takeover Bots: Now Auto-sends if its allies are all Auto-sending, instead of never Auto-sending at all. This should help Takeover bots not fall behind as much in Classic.
  • Codex: Now rounds “per gold” numbers to 2 decimal places instead of 1
  • New Emojis: "pogchamp" and "tools"
Bug Fixes
  • Gameplay: Fixed a major bug with Harpy and Sky Queen not attacking as fast as their numbers indicated. Some units with Dark Mage buff also didn’t attack as fast as they should have, and the same fix applies to those.
  • Profiles and Stats: Fixed some rare cases where Season Goals or other rewards weren’t given out in some rare circumstances
  • Interface: Fixed a bug where flying units had their selection hitboxes too low. They should be easier to click now.
  • Controls: Fixed a bug where Ctrl+Shift/Ctrl+Alt/Alt+Shift modifiers didn’t save/load properly
  • Pause: Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes think you were AFK if pausing the game for a long time

The full list of changes can be found on Steam.

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