‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Finale Ends Huge ‘Flash’ Storyline

The Reverse-Flash on 'The Flash' CW

The Flash’s first major nemesis, Reverse-Flash, is dead. White Canary kills Eobard Thawne by depowering the Spear of Destiny and calling on Black Flash to hunt him down. After Eobard Thawne used the Spear to write his own reality in Central City 2017, the Legends were forced to go back to 1916 to prevent the Legion of Doom from getting in the first place. By doing so, they meet their former selves and are able to save Vixen’s life.

We get a cameo from Laurel Lance, the Black Canary version. She appears when Sara first uses the Spear of Destiny. Laurel tells Sara that she’s accepted the fact Damien Darhk kills her and to overcome the darkness to do the right thing. The Legends decide to erase Captain Cold and Damian Darhk’s memory and drop them back in 2014.

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Nate offers to go back to 1942 with Amaya, but she insists on staying with the Legends, a decision that could have some serious consequences. Rip leaves the team and names Sara captain of the ship, but the Legends encounter a time storm that lands them in Los Angeles 2017. They see dinosaurs and Sara thinks they ‘broke time.’ The Legends had to create a paradox to prevent the Legion from getting the spear.

The Reverse-Flash’s demise has been a long time coming.Thawne has taunted Barry Allen since he was a child, all for his own selfish desires to live. Eddie Thawne sacrificed himself to eliminate Reverse-Flash’s connection to the speed force, thus erasing him from the timeline, but he found a way to live on in the Legends timeline. The whole reason Thawne wanted the Spear was to prevent Black Flash from collecting him back to the speed force.

In the end, Barry can thank the Legends for having one less evil speedster to worry about.

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