Legends Of Aria Officially Launched On Steam

Legends of Aria now on Steam.
Legends of Aria now on Steam. Citadel Studios

The sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria has officially been launched on Steam. The game is inspired by classic MMOs like EVE Online and Ultima Online.

Legends of Aria is a living, breathing world defined and shaped by its player community. It is a world of dangers where bonds are forged and broken by players writing their own stories.

Developed by Citadel Studios, Legends of Aria took player feedback into consideration and can be enjoyed by those who want to hunt down fellow adventures or those who simply want to have a quiet life.

While a large part of the game world is safe from open PVP, there are still lawless regions and in those areas, anything goes. There are untold treasures in those areas, but the question is are you willing to take the risk?

The Early Access Steam launch of Legends of Aria arrives with a host of new content and game updates, including:

  • The Bard skill-line: a unique addition with useful buffs and abilities
  • A guided experience in the Profession System that takes players from newbie to Grandmaster
  • A New Weapon and Armor Enchanting system that expands crafting with unique dropped ingredients that allow for more high-end items
  • Ruleset changes to provide a more consensual PvP experience across more of the map for those who wish to play without fear of ganking
  • A Fresh Start Server where everyone begins on even footing at launch
  • An optional Premium Subscription with in-game bonuses and perks
  • Tons of new cosmetic options in the in-game store
  • Many quality of life improvements, feature enhancements and much, much more

In a statement, CEO Derek Brinkmann said that the development team is more than happy to have finally released the game to Steam after much hard work and love being poured to the game. He went on to say that "not only have we added a new playable skillset in the Bard and a whole new armor and weapon enchanting system to make the crafters in our community even more important, but we’re making the world of Aria a much friendlier place to live."

If you’re interested, you can buy the game here.

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