Legend of Ace: Blackbeard Invades the Game in Latest Update

Legend of Ace December 27 Update
Legend of Ace December 27 Update FunCube Entertainment

Legend of Ace is a 5v5 fast-paced MOBA game with some stark differences compared to other titles, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

For instance, you can enhance your heroes using a unique card system instead of the usual item system. That said, a new update is now available, which adds a new hero to the roster.

A New Hero Has Arrived

Teach, otherwise known as Blackbeard, specializes in dealing tons of damage.

His basic attack improves every eight seconds. If the enemy you attacked is marked with Rum, it will deal additional burning damage for three seconds.

Blackbeard is more likely to level up faster than his allies thanks to his passive, Predatory Desire. This grants eight additional EXP when you kill a unit.

For his first skill, Blackbeard can sprint to a specified location and deal damage to enemies in the path. When you use the skill again, he will perform a slash that damages surrounding foes. Moreover, the cooldown of his enhanced basic attack will be reset if the slash hits an enemy hero.

His second skill, Rum, grants him 50% damage reduction and 30% attack speed for three seconds. If activated again, he throws the wine bottle to a designated area, dealing damage while applying the [Rum] debuff.

His ultimate, Revenge Bombardment, lets him command the Queen Anne’s Vengeance to launch a volley of cannonballs at a target area. Enemies at the center will receive more damage and be stunned for 0.8 seconds.

Patch Highlights

  • Card [Bloodthirsty Whirl] Bastet
    • +200 Attack Power
    • +10% Ability Penetrate
    • [Whirled Scratch] restore 20% more HP for Bastet
  • Skin
    • [Princess Ice Crystal] Dnie
Tyche: Lucky Lady
  • Specialty [Compulsive Gambler]
    • Reduced the Attack Speed added by every [Gambling Addiction] to 3%, the Duration to 6 seconds
    • Adjusted the additional Attack Speed of full stacks to 5(+1* Level)%
Morrigan: Feather of Revenge
  • Sweep
    • Reduced the extra damage in ground mode to 25%
  • Shadow Dart
    • Increased the Cooldown to 10.5/10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds
  • Ultimate: Super Sonic
    • Increased the Cooldown to 45/40/35 seconds
Sun Wukong: Monkey King
  • Ultimate: Havoc in Heaven
    • Reduced the extended time to 1 second
Tyr: God of War
  • Ultimate: Triple Slash
    • Increased the recovered HP to 14% of Max HP
Uriel: Flame of God
  • Ultimate: Trial of Flames
    • Increased the movement speed bonus to 55
    • Increased the Spell life Steal to 25%
Tlaloc: Thunderstorm
  • Lightning Bolt
    • Increased the Damage to 500/600/700/800/900/1000(+30% Attack Power)

Legend of Ace December 27 update is available on Android.

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