Leaked Concept Art Reveals The Batcycle For Upcoming Batman Game

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The leaks for the still-rumored upcoming Batman Arkham game have been on the rise lately. Yesterday we highlighted another leak that allegedly claimed that the upcoming project from Rocksteady will be set in a shared DC Universe. And the studio is also trying to lift their new Superman game off the ground.

Today, we have another leak that gives us a potential look at the Batcycle, which is believed to be featured in the upcoming Batman game. This concept art for the leaked batcycle was originally created for the Batman game featuring Damian Wayne, which was rumored to have been canceled. According to the leak, however, all the canceled content for the Damian Wayne game will make its way into the next Batman game and the Batcycle seems to be part of it all.

In Batman Arkham Knight, Rocksteady introduced the Batmobile. With the vehicle in the game, many missions were developed around it and players had new AR challenges to complete. If the Batcycle also happens to make its way to the upcoming Batman game, we could see new missions, races, and AR challenges designed specifically for this vehicle as well.

Many leaks have surfaced on the internet over the previous months, some even blatantly stating that the title of the upcoming game will be called 'Batman Arkham Legacy'. However, WB Montreal has also teased the game on multiple occasions and some fans believe that the new game will feature the Court of Owls.

If you missed reading our Batman story yesterday, we mentioned that the next Batman game will feature a playable cast of Batfamily members. The game is also believed to be set in a shared DC Universe, which could serve as a setting for the upcoming Superman game that is currently under works. According to rumors, alongside the Superman game, another DC game is also currently in development.

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