'League of Legends' World Championship 2016: Why Are Players Getting Sick?

If you go to Worlds this year, don't forget your hand sanitizer.
If you go to Worlds this year, don't forget your hand sanitizer. Riot

The League of Legends World Championship is underway and it’s been one for the history books. Massive upsets, swinging games and underdog victories have peppered the first three days of the epic tournament. Counter Logic Gaming lost to a Wildcard team, Albus Now Luna, which nobody saw coming. Cloud 9 managed to beat Flash Wolves, a World Championship winning team that many thought could win the whole tournament.

Every player at the tournament is playing their very best, regardless of where they are from or how they got to Worlds. Some are even pushing themselves past their limits, which is evident by the amount of players that are getting sick this year. There might be a cold epidemic going around the green room because a bunch of players are coming down with something.

Bjergsen, after his games on day two, could barely speak for his interview. His voice seemed entirely gone, sounding like he was choking on a toad. Doublelift confirmed in an interview with Travis at Yahoo eSports that: “Bjergsen is really sick so it’s affecting our team dynamic.”

Top laner for the ROX Tigers, Smeb, is also coming down with something nasty. In an interview with theScore Esports , Gorilla, the support for ROX said: “Smeb is sick to the point that every time he says something, he’s coughing.”

There’s a few reasons why these players could be coming down with a cold. In preparation for the World Championship, these players pushed themselves to the absolute limit. Eight-to-ten hours a day, these pros practiced their champions to make sure they were ready for a global audience. Nobody wants to disappoint their region and the stress might be starting to affect their health.

There could also be a bug going around the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco. Players are constantly using the same keyboards, mice and headsets which could be spreading germs. There’s no way to actually know why all these pro LoL players are getting sick, especially at such a pivotal moment in their careers.

Bjergsen and Smeb are still playing amazingly – imagine how well their teams will do after they get rid of the sniffles.

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