'League Of Legends' Warwick Makes Me Lose My Mind

hyena warwick
Hyena Warwick is still the best way to play. Riot Games

The hardest part of League of Legends isn’t farming minions or killing towers, it’s landing those skillshots. From the deadly Morgana snare to the whip of Tahm Kench’s tongue, a knack for landing those pesky abilities separates good players from great ones. Warwick used to be a champion with zero skill shots, which is why he was everyone’s first jungler. Now, he requires a bit more… finesse, in order to play correctly.

Youtuber dremaster captures a League player’s frustration when trying to play the new Warwick. If you’ve ever accidentally shot a Vel’Koz orb a little too far or missed a Jinx Super Mega Death Rocket by inches, this video is for you.

Infinite Duress, the wolf’s ultimate, used to automatically lock onto a target. After his rework and visual update, the skill requires some aim. Leaping into the air and landing on a sweet, juicy Marksmen isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can overshoot your target, aim a bit too far to the left or right or just end up face first into a wall. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed a jump with Warwick over the last few weeks.

I’m just hoping the rest of the internet can understand my pain. Warwick will always be my baby, with or without skill shots.

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