League of Legends: Voidgrubs Coming to Baron Pits

Something comes to the Void. Riot Games

The 2023 Season in League of Legends has ended and it is now time to prepare for the new one. There's going to be lot of changes coming to Summoner's Rift, and one of these are on the Void.

For starters, the Baron pit is set to have new residents. Known as Voidgrubs, these Voidborn beasties are going to take the place of the first Rift Herald of each game before despawning at 14 minutes in order to make room for Rift Herald. Three Voidgrubs spawn at 5 minutes, each having its own respawn timer of 4 minutes. There's a maximum of six which can spawn in a single game.

When aggroed each of the Voidgrub released a swarm of Voidmites to attack their enemies. For those who manage to take down some Voidgrubs, their entire team get to earn the Hunger of the Void buff. This buff gives the user damage over time bonus damage to structures. In addition, the buff stacks based on the amount of Voidgrubs taken down. For players able to take down five or six of the Voidgrubs, they'll be able to periodically summon one or two Voidmites, respectively, to help take down structures.

Look Who's Back

When the new season goes live, players can expect to see the Rift Herald which returns with a brand-new inspired look. It isn't all about appearance. That's because when the Eye of the Herald is crushed, while the Rift Herald spawn as usual, the user, or an allied champion, gets to right-click the Herald and then jump onto them. This allows them to steer Shelly.

Charging the Herald to a turret then does more damaged compared to when they're charged uncontrolled. Meanwhile those who run into an enemy champion can damage them and at the same time knock them airborne. When colliding with terrain or turret, the champion riding Shelly is knocked off and returns to their usual selves.

What do you think about these changes? In addition to what's already mentioned, terrain changes are also coming. Check out all the changes here.

League of Legends is available for the PC.

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