League Of Legends' Tyler1 Vs. Phreak: The Reformed Rematch Of The Century

This is honestly my favorite YouTube thumbnail ever
This is honestly my favorite YouTube thumbnail ever YouTube via Tyler1

League Of Legends has been going through a ton of changes. The preseason is now live, tons of champions and items have been refurbished and Maokai longs like an Olympian god. One thing that’s still the same is Tyler1 is a beast on Draven. We live in a crazy world where Wildturtle plays for TSM again and Tyler1, League’s worst troll, can somehow play the game again. On Wednesday, Tyler1 uploaded a video to his YouTube page called “Tyler1 vs. Phreak” and it was glorious.

For those of you out the loop and still wanting to know why this is a big deal, here’s the rundown. In April, a video of Tyler1 and Phreak, a shoutcaster and a major voice for Riot games, being in the same champion select screen. This was right around when Tyler1 was at his most popular and most toxic. Phreak wanted to play Brand support, but Tyler1 banned it for the lulz. Then two grown men talked smack to each other, until someone quit. We never actually got to see Phreak and Tyler1 square off, until now.

Tyler1 is still technically banned from League of Legends but still manages to play. When he isn’t streaming he plays on an alternative account until it gets banned. Thank god for that rule breaker, because his match against Phreak is a joy to watch. When Tyler1 isn’t being a giant asshole, ruining games or just swearing in chat, he’s very entertaining. I watched the whole 24-minute video and he didn’t run down mid lane once.

Seeing Phreak get his ass handed to him in the rematch of the century was cathartic to watch. Even though Riot did it’s best to destroy Tyler1, he’s only gotten more popular. He’s still in college, but the “alpha male” is now a full time streamer.

Now there’s only one person left to fight…

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