'League Of Legends' Patch Notes 7.5: 6 Things You Need To Know Before You Step On the Rift

Dragon Sorceress Zyra coming in Patch 7.5
Dragon Sorceress Zyra coming in Patch 7.5 Riot Games

We got to see the Galio rework yesterday, which means it’s time for another League of Legends patch! Leblanc’s getting some wave clear, every champion is getting a recall animation and a small Aatrox rework are coming in Patch 7.5.

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Here are the six things you really need to know from League of Legends Patch Notes 7.5:

(Small) Aatrox Rework- There isn’t a single League champion who has needed a rework more than Aatrox, the red devil wannabee. Since his release he’s struggled to do much of anything because his kit is just so darn weak. This is the week Riot tries to change that, by completely reworking his passive.

Instead of stacking up Aatrox’s revive passive through his abilities, he now revives with 30 percent health. When he uses his abilities, his Blood Well bar fills up, and when full, gives him increased attack speed and base AD depending on level. All of his abilities have lower or no cost, which might actually make him playable. The thought of seeing Aatrox in one of my games that isn’t trolling is too scary to even comprehend.

More Nerfs To OP Champions- Patch 7.4 was all about nerfing problem champions, and Riot is going around a second time to swing that nerf bat. Varus, one of the two best Marksmen, has 15 percent less damage on a fully charged Piercing Arrow and the ability has a four-second shorter cooldown. If you stack three blight stacks on an enemy with Piercing Arrow, the cooldown gets reduced by four seconds.

  • Ryze loses a quarter of a second on his Rune Prison and has a one-second longer cooldown on Spell Flux at rank one.
  • Rengar has 3.88 less base armor and converts 25 percent less damage taken from his Battle Roar.

Major Miss Fortune Nerfs- Miss Fortune, who has always dealt to much early game damage, will no longer be the queen of early game trades. Double Up’s bullet bounce no longer deals 50 percent more damage, but will land a critical shot instead. They lowered the ability’s AD and AP ratios, because Riot wants to even nerf support MF. The pirate will still be top-tier, but now other Marksmen might be able to lane against her without losing every trade.

BORK And Edge Of Night Protect Less- Marksmen have been able to run around team fights without any worries of getting caught by a random spell or piece of Crowd Control. Riot wants to add a bit more risk to their play, so Edge Of Night’s protection shield has been lowered by five seconds. Also, Blade Of The Ruined King is gaining more Lifesteal and Attack Damage in exchange for less Attack Speed. The sword of a king who really messed up is also losing its percent health damage in exchange for 100 base magic damage, which feels like end of an OP era.

Goodbye Bond Of Stone, Hello Stoneborn Pact- Bond Of Stone has been a problem ever since the start of the preseason. You just can’t balance a free shield every time you use CC, so Riot is scrapping the idea. BOS has been replaced by the much more complicated Stoneborn Pact, which gives you five percent more health and a rune that gets applied to enemies when you use CC for four seconds. If an ally attacks anyone marked with your rune, they heal for five (+2.5 percent of your maximum health) over two seconds.

Warlord’s Bloodlust Is Energized- Like Bond Of Stone, this Mastery has been nothing but a burden to the League community. WB no longer grants lifesteal when you attack minions, but instead makes your abilities “energized” after you move. “Energized” attacks grant lifesteal and movement speed for .75 seconds.

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