League Of Legends Patch 9.15 Updates Qiyana, Buffs Malphite

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League of Legends releases Patch 9.15
League of Legends releases Patch 9.15 Riot Games

League of Legends has released Patch 9.15, which introduces some updates to Qiyana. The patch also buffs some other champions, particularly those that need a bit of a push in the current meta.

Changes to Qiyana

For Qiyana, her Audacity (E) has been adjusted so that it only damages targets within a 250 range at the end of the dash. What this means is that enemies that dash, or even Flash away, are now able to avoid the damage inflicted by Audacity.

In terms of her Supreme Display of Talent (R), the cooldown is no longer a flat 100 seconds, but has been scaled to 120/100/80 seconds. The reason for the change is to allow players time to learn how to use it. The final update is in her Terrashape (W) skill, which now allows Qiyana to empower her blade with River from health packs in Howling Abyss.


In terms of buffs, Malphite again received some good changes. Though he had received a buff back in 9.14, this was considered too cautious by the development team. Thus the slow of his Seismic Shard (Q) is now 20/25/30/3/40% rather than 15/20/25/30/35%. Base cleave damage of Thunderclap (W) has been increased to 30/45/60/75/90 with the cleave damage now being able to trigger Hunter’s Talisman. Finally, Unstoppable Force (R) can be cast at max range if used outside of max range.

Graves received a buff as well with the armor per stack Quickdraw (E) increased to 8/11/14/17/20. According to the development team, Graves as a champion remains to be underperforming. By increasing this armor per stack, this should allow him to have better survivability in the early game and players should be more comfortable brawling.


Karma once again received a nerf. Despite lowering her movement speed back in 9.13, it wasn’t enough to knock her pro presence to healthy levels. Thus the bonus shield of her Empowered E – Defiance is now 25/80/135/190 (+0.5 ability power).

Another champion that received a slight nerf was Rumble, whose base shield and base empowered shield have both been reduced.

Upcoming Skins

New skins arriving with Patch 9.15.
New skins arriving with Patch 9.15. Riot Games

Aside from the hero changes, these skins are going to be released with the patch:

  • PROJECT: Pyke
  • PROJECT: Jinx
  • PROJECT: Irelia
  • PROJECT: Akali
  • PROJECT: Warwick
  • PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition

A complete list that came with Patch 9.15 can be viewed here.

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