League of Legends: Patch 12.10 Brings the Friend Request Blocking Feature and Some Major Bug Fixes

Patch 12.10
Patch 12.10 Riot Games

Patch 12.10 for League of Legends has been released recently and aside from the sweeping changes for increased durability of all champions, it also brought a highly requested feature - the ability to block friend requests.

Have you been getting a ton of friend requests since you’ve started playing League of Legends? If so, you might have been asking for a way to block them. Fortunately, the developers implemented a feature that lets you block players in the Friend Request popup. In other words, you can choose to no longer receive unwanted spam requests!

In addition, Patch 12.10 applied some major bug fixes. For example, certain crowd control immunity effects, such as Dr. Mundo’s passive “Goes Where He Pleases,” no longer gets consumed by blast cones triggered by allies. Moreover, Spirit Visage will now correctly amplify healing from Omnivamp.


Honor Recall
  • A new Honor recall VFX is now available for you to show off in-game and will automatically apply to the following:
    • Players who are Honor Level 5
    • Players who are Honor Level 3 or above AND have been honored by one or more non-premade teammate in their last game
    • Players who are Honor Level 3 or above AND have been honored by two or more premade teammates in their last game
Challenger Recall
  • The Challenger recall animation has also been updated! If you're eligible for both, the Challenger recall VFX will take precedence over the Honor recall
  • Shyvana's Q: Twin Bite now grants a small attack range increase, similar to like other basic attack resets (like Nasus' Q: Siphoning Strike)
  • Shyvana's Dragon Form Q: Twin Bite will correctly strike twice against Inhibitors and Nexus
  • Kled's R: Chaaaaaaaarge!!! will no longer cause him to visually desync from the enemy's perspective (fiiiiiiiinally!!!)
  • Sion will no longer be able to knock back Rift Herald using E: Roar of the Slayer
  • Spirit Visage will now correctly amplify healing from Omnivamp
  • Fixed a bug where Rengar's empowered Q: Savage Strike attacks against towers would not grant him bonus attack speed
  • Kog'Maw's Passive: Icathian Surprise will no longer proc his own Immortal Shieldbow active
  • Lethal Tempo will now correctly proc against enemy champion clones
  • Fixed a bug where Anathema's Chains cooldown did not properly scale with item ability haste
  • Glacial Augment will correctly be replaced by First Strike on all champions that do not have any compatible form of CC

League of Legends Patch 12.10 is available on PC.

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