League Of Legends MSI 2019 Final Four Ready To Battle

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League of Legends MSI 2019
League of Legends MSI 2019 Riot Games

After two weeks of intense play, the final four teams in the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2019 are now ready to move to the Knockout Stage. This year's MSI 2019 is being held in two cities with the Play-in and Group Stage part of the competition being done in Vietnam. The Knockout stage, meanwhile, is in Taiwan. At stake is a prize pool of $1 million.

The first two teams that will go head-to-head in the Knockout Stage are Invictus Gaming against Team Liquid.

For IG, the team was seeded immediately to the Group Stage as the LPL Spring Champion. In the Group Stage, IG came out on top with nine wins and only one loss.

Liquid had a different route, as the team had to go through the Play-In Knockout Stage as the LCS Spring Champion. Like IG, it had to go through a number of teams in order to win the LCS Spring and get a slot in the MSI 2019. In the Knockout Stage, Liquid played against Phong Vu Buffalo, the top team of Group A in the Play-In Group Stage. The first game saw a swing between the two teams, with Liquid eventually winning. The same was true during the second game, as the tide would turn in Liquid's favor just after the 20-minute mark and never look back. In the third game, Liquid took the lead after 12 minutes and won the game.

Liquid had a difficult time in the Group Stage, but eventually got fourth place to earn a spot in the next round.

The second semifinal match is SK Telecom T1 against G2 Esports. Both teams were seeded to the Group Stage immediately with G2 being the LEC Spring Champion and SK Telecom the LCK Spring Champion.

In the Group Stage, SK Telecom lost two games to G2 and manged to get a draw with IG. G2, meanwhile, lost to both IG and Phong Vu. However, that was enough for the two teams to move to the next round.

The IG versus Liquid match is scheduled on May 17, with the SK Telecom and G2 match on May 18. Finals are set for May 19. All matches in the semifinals and finals are a best-of five format.

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