'League Of Legends' Doublelift Joins Team Liquid, Backs Out Of Retirement Early

Doublelift, League Of Legends' most confusing star
Doublelift, League Of Legends' most confusing star Riot Games

Peter “Doublelift” Peng, former star ADC of Counter Logic Gaming and Team Solomid, will be joining Team Liquid in the NA LCS for the foreseeable future. After deciding to take the Spring Split off, Doublelift has decided to jump back into professional League Of Legends . It must have been hard for him to stay out of the limelight for so long, missing the stage, the fans and the rush of playing the game in front of big, adoring crowds. .

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Team Liquid hasn’t had the best LCS split, they are currently in last place with three wins and nine losses. Piglet, the World Championship winner from Korea, switched from the bot lane to the mid lane, leaving a spot open for Doublelift to show his stuff. Youngbin, who some can argue hasn’t been playing too well this split, will be moving to a sub position.

I’m not sure how I feel about Doublelift joining Team Liquid. On one hand, he’s a star player who is one of the most mechanically gifted pros to ever wield a keyboard. On the other, DL has a very strong personality that can tend to mesh poorly with other team members. Piglet has the same problem, he’s been benched multiple times during his tenure at Team Liquid. Maybe they will use each other to get stronger, or maybe it will become the Doublelift show and Piglet will start acting up again.

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