League of Angels: Pact Now on Android

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League of Angels: Pact is now available on Android. With this, Android users can finally experience divine power in the palm of their hand and control beautiful angels that wield the power of the gods.

In the game, players get to summon, collect, and empower angels inspired by myth and religion. Once they have their customized team of celestial beings, they can then send them to battle in ranked PvP. If that's too difficult, they can go for an exciting PvE which comes complete with boss battles and raids. Beating bosses is one way to get extra special loot hidden across heavenly realms. They also can look forward to more than 100 various divine wings and weapons, each with powerful attributes.

Launch Event

In celebration of the game's release, a special launch event is now live which rewards those who sign-in over the next seven days. Rewards include a free Dream outfit and Aurora, considered as one of the game's most coveted Angels.

Since League of Angels: Pact is considered an "AFK Idle Game," players can simply sit back and let their team grow and only take action when needed.

Game Features

Here are the game features that players can expect:

  • Summon and Empower your Angels
    • There are a lot of angels at your disposal.
    • Summon the angels and wield their divine power.
    • Upgrade, reinforce, reborn, power them up, and hurl them into the fight.
    • Choose angels wisely and create a powerful team.
  • Fight Epic Boss for Endless Loot
    • With every boss battle and raid, you get the chance to claim divine equipment with a high drop rate ratio.
    • Fight solo or alongside your friends in a highly immersive combat experience.
  • Collect 100+ Divine Weapons and Wings
    • Gather more than 100 divine weapons to improve the abilities and power of your character.
    • Collect and activate dazzling miracle outfits and wings that can be switched with powerful attributes at will.
  • Use AFK to Level Up
    • Use AFK and level up your character even while you're away from the game.
  • Dominate on the PvP Battlefields
    • Compete in ranked battles, climb the leaderboards, and earn exclusive rewards to advance even further.
    • With multiple modes, there's always a new challenge waiting.

A version for iOS is currently in development.

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