The Last Haven Gets a Fresh UI in Update 2.08.01

Update 2.08.01
Update 2.08.01 Steam

The Last Haven puts you in command of a settlement full of people struggling to survive in a world ravaged by nuclear war. And because your hands will get full when playing the game, the UI must be as helpful as it can be, especially when managing so many people and resources. Fortunately, that is the aim of the recently released Update 2.08.01.

In The Last Haven’ s latest update, the UI gets a completely new design and style, making the in-game elements look a lot clearer than before. On top of that, the UI gets a noticeable graphical improvement thanks to the high-resolution elements that have been added.

Speaking of new additions, Update 2.08.01 introduces the “Gate” - a building that allows you to keep outside elements from coming into your settlement so long as at least one guard is manning it.

If you’re short on weapons, there’s also a new expedition where you can assign your settlers to find rare collectibles. Who knows, maybe they’ll find some rifles from World War II!


  • Construction of "Outposts," improvement, resource extraction, resource transportation to the base
  • Added the ability to hide/show the log and map
  • Added "Outposts" at the place of previously captured locations (send squads with workers and vans/trucks to outposts to build an outpost and start extracting resources)
  • Added new building (Unloading station)
  • Added new research (Unloading Station Project)
  • Added new mechanics for workers (loading/unloading resources into cars)
  • Disabled camera restriction (now the location is fully accessible at the very beginning of the game)
  • Improved optimization for a large number of people
  • Improved overall game optimization (increase in FPS on weak PCs)
  • Changed the system of landing soldiers in transport (now through the right click on the transport)
  • Improved location "Forest," added resources, loot, objects, etc.
  • Improved system for displaying information about buildings in the game
  • Changed the system of taking loot (soldiers collect loot by order)
  • Fixed balance of bulletproof vests and helmets (more protection)
  • Fixed balance of rifles without optics (reduced priority for AI)
  • Fixed a critical error in bulletproof vests and helmets (damage was calculated not from the protection of the target, but from the protection of the shooter)
  • Fixed a critical AI bug for resource station workers
  • Fixed FPS drop
  • Fixed bug when selecting buildings
  • Fixed magazine
  • Fixed collision with some buildings (building houses)
  • Fixed money gain when implementing base economy
  • Fixed cursor (problem on large screen resolutions)
  • Fixed removal of cars from the location with a close grenade explosion
  • Fixed a critical bug in the collision of some resources, due to which workers got stuck (Resource Collection Points)
  • Fixed a bug where the ESC menu stopped appearing

The Last Haven Update 2.08.01 is available on PC.

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