Larry Wilmore Called President Obama 'My N*gga' At The White House And Twitter Exploded

larry wilmore president barack obama
Larry Wilmore made a bold statement at the White House Correspondents Dinner ABC

ICYMI: Last night, at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, Larry Wilmore -- a black man and host of Comedy Central’s Nightly Show -- called President Barack Obama, in front of hundreds of mostly white people, “my nigga.” Naturally, nothing like this has ever happened (and probably never will again) and social media virtually imploded following Wilmore’s bold statement. Twitter, with its real-time platform, was particularly set ablaze and people from all walks of life took to the site to express their thoughts.

Polarizing opinions were shared after the usage of such a complicated word. The majority of black people praised Wilmore, citing the overwhelming “blackness” of the situation. White people, however, appear to be split into two camps. Damon Young of VerySmartBrothas summed up the divide perfectly:

1. The “that was a funny line that, although I could never actually say it, Wilmore — who happens to be Black — is actually allowed to say about our Black president because the use of that word is complex; so complex that I’ll just refrain from saying it and let Black people determine when it can and can’t be used” camp

2. The “that offended me” camp. Which is conjoined twins with the “I’m a White person and I believe Black people shouldn’t say that word” camp and the “if they can say it, why can’t I say it?” camp.

That should be enough context of the scenario for now. Without further ado, take a look at some interesting tweets regarding Larry Wilmore and President Obama’s exchange:

P.S. for anyone concerned: I, the writer of this article, am black. 

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