Kuku Confirmed To Stay With Dota 2 Team TNC

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Kuku will reportedly stay with TNC Predator.
Kuku will reportedly stay with TNC Predator. TNC

Carlos “Kuku” Palad made a very interesting tweet last week when he mentioned that he was looking for a team. Apparently, he had yet to be removed from TNC Predator’s roster.

Following the conclusion of The International 2019, a handful of Dota 2 pro teams have started to reshuffle their roster. Some saw the departure of tenured players, while others were simply looking for better talents. As for TNC and its fans, they all thought Kuku was going out the door.

But, as it stands now, Kuku will still be part of the team that defeated OG at TI7. On his Facebook page, the esports player said that he is on vacation with his family while waiting for the next tournament. He also apologized to the fans after getting them “jebaited.”

Although Kuku did not necessarily mention TNC – let alone his current Dota 2 pro status – the esports organization has yet to remove him from its roster. In fact, his name is still on the team’s Twitter header. It could be that Kuku meant the “LFT” tweet as a joke, or he was simply frustrated by the team’s run at the recently concluded Valve tournament.

As of now, it is safe to say that TNC will be one of the very few Southeast Asian Dota 2 teams looking to play with the same roster. As we have reported previously, Mineski will be reshuffling its roster in hopes of building a better team. Apparently, it is heavily suggested that TNC’s very own coach and Dota 2 legend Lee “Heen” Seung Gon might leave the team in a bid to reignite his career elsewhere.

TNC has yet to confirm this information. Kuku might still be with them or the other way around.

In related news, Chinese Dota 2 team Old Boys are looking to make history in their scene. Interestingly, the team is going to develop and coach younger talents instead of pursue glory for themselves. The team, which is composed of some of the best Dota 2 players from the Chinese Dota 2 community, wants their roster to be completely different from the norm. They are currently looking for younger players with at least 7,500 MMR+.

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