Krunker Season 5 Update: New Content, Bug Fixes, and More

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Krunker recently received an update that added new content and fixed some issues. The developers have made improvements to the servers, such as more dedicated servers and adjustments to the hit registration. These changes should make the gameplay smoother, making players feel like they are hitting all their shots.

Additionally, the developers have done gameplay changes like leaving a match early now counts as a loss and death on your stats. This change will reduce the number of rage quitters. Players can also grind for their weapons class with every alternate week having a double class XP week.

Krunker Update - September 28

Raids and Events
  • Added new Official Raid Event: Tortuga
  • Updated Official Trade server map
Shop and Skins
  • Added new Blackmarket skins
  • Added masteries for all primary weapons to Blackmarket
  • Added 100+ new Hats
  • Added 80+ new Body Items
  • Added 500+ new Weapon Skins
  • Added 30+ new Weapon Models
  • Added 35+ new Melee Items
  • Added 3 new Dyes
Challenges and Progression
  • Added new Badges system: Unlock new badges for your profile
  • Reset old challenge level
  • Added Daily Challenges + Rewards
  • Added Map specific Challenges
  • Added Weapon specific Challenges
  • Added Junk leaderboard
  • Reduced hitbox sizes in pubs (more accurate)
  • Server Optimizations
  • Added slight flinch animation when taking damage: (Disable screen-shake in settings)
  • Dropping a nuke has a small chance to drop uranium (material)
  • Adjusted Semi color-scheme to be more different from LMG
  • Added Trapped Airdrops
Weapons and Classes
  • Added new Secondary: Tehchy-9
  • Increased Spray N Pray health to 180
  • Fixed Sound Emitters not resetting properly
  • Changed sound when player takes damage
  • Added footstep sound setting to Cubes & Triggers (WIP)
  • Clan Wars discontinued (New clan systems being worked on)
  • Removed Clan tag colors for now
  • Added Free Spin
  • Slight spin re-design
  • Idle kick timer adjustments
  • Slightly updated default weapon models
  • Reduced min level to chat in-game
  • Added 3-Second limit to Chat message Keybinds
  • Better placement for sprays that are not full size
  • Added back button to customize screen
  • Fixed config sliders not working on Host settings
Games, Maps, and Modes
  • Prophunt Overhauled: Auto Taunts, Prop Wheel, Rotations, and More!
  • Overhauled Villa/Bureau visuals
  • Map Drops moved to Air Drops

You can read more about the update here.

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