KovaaK's Update 3.0.0 Introduces Ambient Occlusion and Map Editing Mode

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One of the best aim trainers that pros and gamers use for practicing their aim just received a major update. That’s right! KovaaK’s recently got an update that added in-game map editor and visual improvements.

Map Creator

Ever wondered about making changes to maps to favor your playstyle? Don’t look further as developers now give players the freedom to change existing maps. They can now add different props, alter the textures, and even place more obstacles to raise the challenge. The edit mode features 27 default props and 28 default shapes that can be used around the map. Players can also get creative with ramps to further hone their gunfights.

Visual Improvements

The developers added Ambient Occlusion into the game to improve the visuals. Low-end systems may have trouble running Ambient Occlusion. However, high-end ones can do it without frame drops. Enabling this will enhance lighting to make the surroundings look much better. Ambient Occlusion gives a more realistic ambient lighting, increasing depth perception produced by shadows.

KovaaK's Update 3.0.0

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug wherein the returning player was not taken back to the section of the software they exited.
  • Some lighting and general map fixes for the Flick Trainer.
  • When changing FOV scale, the FOV value will now clamp to a value inside the slider's range (but you are still allowed to type numbers outside that range).
  • Fixed the Advanced Sensitivity details widget to work for all of the scales in the game. For the time being, we have disabled cm/360 and in/360 as inputs - going backwards from that to a sens value for scales as complicated as PUBG is non-trivial, but we'll get there in a later patch!
  • Fixed an issue in some maps where an invisible object blocked shots.
  • Fixed issue after game crashes where restarting the game wouldn't run with Anticheat enabled (and scores wouldn't post to the Leaderboards).
  • Fixed a bug where scenarios that lock Hipfire FOV were also locking ADS FOV.
  • Fixed an issue where bots that used multiple dodge profiles with both types of up/down movement would stop handling up/down movement correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Weapon Profiles could be saved with names that were invalid.
  • Fixed a bug where bots would stick to strafing right when they had no dodge profiles assigned to them.
  • Fixed issues where the Challenge Completion Screen showed the wrong high score.
  • Fixed how date and time are displayed with averages in stats.
  • Numerous other bug fixes, crash fixes, and performance enhancements.

You can read more about the update here.

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