Kingkiller Chronicles TV Show: Can the Next "Game of Thrones" Come from the Creators of "The Bernie Mac Show" and "Roswell"? Hint: No

Name of the Wind
The first book in the Kingkiller Chronicle: "The Name of the Wind"

A Kingkiller Chronicle show is coming to TV from the production company that brought you such fantasy classics as “Game of Thro… wait, what? What the hell? Okay… wait, really? You want me to tell them? Okay, if you say so. A Kingkiller Chronicle show is coming to television from the production company that brought you such fantasy classics as “Malcolm in the Middle” and “The Bernie Mac Show.” The Kingkiller Chronicle TV show, based on the Kingkiller Chronicle novels of Patrick Rothfuss, will be produced by New Regency Productions and 20th Century Fox.

Let’s begin with the official description from Regency of their in development Kingkiller Chronicle TV show:

The Kingkiller Chronicle TV Description

“Adapted from the NY Times #1 bestselling book series, The Kingkiller Chronicle. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, KVOTHE bears witness to the slaughter of his parents and the rest of the traveling troupe of stage performers that had been his family. The murderers are THE CHANDRIAN, a group of powerful villains straight out of folklore, hundreds of years old and thought to be nothing more than a myth. Kvothe’s need for vengeance is forged that night, but as he embarks on the long and arduous path of training and study to defeat the Chandrian, Kvothe learns there are no shortcuts to power, and his impatience for answers will make him hunted by the very forces he’s desperate to destroy.”

The Kingkiller Chronicle Story - What Will Make It to TV?

Notice anything missing? Like… maybe the entire frame story that defines Kvothe’s biography? Where’s the Chronicler? And isn’t a little strange that The University isn’t mentioned? 

Assuming The Kingkiller Chronicle show goes to Fox, will a network TV show be tempted to bring out the Chandrian 16 times a season? I mean, other than the death of Kvothe’s troupe, he’s only seen a Chandrian one more time, when he encounters Cinder in the Eld Forest. 

It seems likely that the Kingkiller Chronicles frame story at the Waystone Inn will remain, since any static set can cut down on costs for an expensive fantasy TV show, but doesn’t the narrative emphasis in this description feel all wrong?

Despite the grousing, the press release isn’t the real reason to worry about a Kingkiller Chronicle TV show. It’s the people working on it. First, it we’ve got the guy behind “The Thing” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” remakes. Throw in two movie producers, one good, and one, uh, not so good, and there’s ample reason to fear an adaptation of the Kingkiller Chronicle for TV.

The Kingkiller Chronicle includes “The Name of the Wind,” “The Wise Man’s Fear,” and the upcoming “The Doors of Stone,” plus assorted novella focusing on individual characters within the Kingkiller Chronicle universe.

The Man Behind the Kingkiller Chronicle

Patrick Rothfuss has become a major personality in the modern fantasy book market, mainly because he’s hairy and likeable:

Here’s hoping that the Kingkiller Chronicle TV show will match up with the excellent series. But…

It’s not looking good. Cross your fingers for the Kingkiller Chronicles television show everyone.




Whenever you start to question your business decisions remember: don’t give the hottest fantasy story since “Game of Thrones” to the people who made “Roswell.”

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