Kingdom Under Fire II Gets A Western Release Later This Year, Courtesy Of Gameforge

More than a decade in development later.
Kingdom Under Fire 2
Gameforge will be handling the publishing duties for Kingdom Under Fire 2 as it arrives in the West sometime later this year. Gameforge

The long-awaited, thought dead sequel Kingdom Under Fire II will finally be heading to PC later in 2019, publisher Gameforge announced.

Kingdom Under Fire II was first announced in 2008, suffering numerous delays and indecision regarding its release platform. After withstanding multiple closed betas in South Korea and Taiwan, and a fruitless attempt at developing it for the PlayStation 4 in 2013, Kingdom Under Fire II will finally get to see the sun in the North American and European markets.

“The Kingdom Under Fire series is a favorite among those of us at Gameforge, so we’re very excited to partner with Blueside to continue this epic saga and finally bring it to Western markets for the very first time," Chief Product Officer for Gameforge Tomislav Perkovice said in a press statement. "We are determined to help Blueside realize their vision of the ultimate MMO, launching Kingdom Under Fire II for Windows PC in North America and Europe later this year."

Kingdom Under Fire II is set in the huge, fantasy world of Bersia. Players can choose to fight under the banners of three different factions: The Human Alliance, The Dark Legion or The Encoblossians. Also, players have the option on whether to choose from several hero classes and focus on strengthening and improving them, or take command of massive armies and excel at being a war strategist instead.

Regarding the multiple delays and development that took over a decade, I would have to say that it is quite understandable. Kingdom Under Fire II is a very ambitious title on its own, following in the footsteps of its hack and slash RPG prequel Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. Its attempts at making an MMORPG with RTS elements is commendable and very difficult to execute flawlessly. This is also while simultaneously juggling its planned single-player storylines and multiplayer elements.

Online publication Gematsu asked Gameforge if it had any information about the PlayStation 4 port for the game announced five years ago. A representative answered “We have nothing to share about a PS4 version on our end. We’re strictly announcing a PC release”. At this point, I guess we have to take what we can get.


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