Kingdom Under Fire 2 Introduces New Raid and Mission With Third Update

A lot of new things.
A lot of new things. Blueside

Kingdom Under Fire 2 released its third content update titled Grave of Time. Like with every game update, this one offers players a new raid and a new mission. There also new equipment and mounts available for everyone.

The New Raid is titled Grave of Time and players need to be at least level 30 and have conquerd Scourged Mountain. Players need to form a team of eight along with three favorite troops. The goal for this one is to finish the tasks handed out by Ruins Keeper. This raid rewards players with two new Epic equipment items, which are the Set of the Enraged Pergos and Set of the Idle Pergos. The raid also gives out the Dimension Crack heroic armor, which is sure to help with defense. The armor can also be found in the Crack Crystal Exchange Centre.

Meanwhile, the new mission is dubbed Dimensional Test. This one is given by Yuri in Accolade and those who accept it are sure to face quests offering higher difficulty. Players can have three units go against 50 levels of the most brutal enemies. There is a catch, however, as units that are destroyed can no longer be resurrected. Difficult as that may be, the rewards are worth it. For every five levels completed, players get a special reward once a day once the challenge is complete. The question that remains is do you have what it takes to complete all 50 levels?

The latest update also brings with it new mounts which let players ride in style. Indeed, get the chance to show off with the Alpha Wolf, Mountain Wolf, and Snow Wolf. There’s also the Wounded Bear.

There are also more rewards coming with the update. The gold reward for daily missions, Treasure Goblins, and even various quests, have been increased. Upped as well is the daily limit for Crack Crystals and Crack Shards.

This being an update, balance improvements have been made, many of which are based on player feedback. Thus expect to see the abilities of heroes and units being upgraded. Other improvements include the values and range of the Frost and Thunderbolt Bowmen being increased. For Tank units, not only are their abilities improved, but they are now grouped into compatibility types. Buffed as well are the hero abilities of the Berserker, Elementalist, and Ranger.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is available for the PC and can be purchased in three editions. The Standard Edition is priced at $29.99 with the Emperor Edition at $49.99. The highest is the War God Edition, which is available at $99.99.

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