For the King II Reveals More in Latest Trailer

Ready for the sequel?
Ready for the sequel? IronOak Games

A new trailer for the upcoming game For the King II has been released. Titled "Resistance," it gives players a sneak peek at what this new title features:

  • Landboats
    • For the first time, players can now travel together in the overworld within these vehicles.
  • Mercenaries and Pets
    • New to the series, players can recruit characters and animals to join their party and fight alongside them.
  • Scourges
    • The Scourge system makes a return.

You can watch the new trailer below:

For The King II takes players to Fahrul at a time of crisis and peril. Queen Rosomon, once beloved by all, has turned against her subjects. Thus, players join a group of resistance fighters and fight for the freedom of the realm. The story is accessible for those new to the series while also offering veteran players the chance to experience a continuation of the original narrative arc.

In the game, players can go at it alone with the single-player experience, play cooperatively online, or have couch co-op for up to four individuals. Aside from new combat mechanics, there are also new features to enjoy and new biomes to explore. Of course, expect new weapons to use and new enemies to fight.

For this sequel, there’s a greater focus on strategic decision making and customization. Players need to pick their battles and arm the characters with much-needed skills and gear.

Game features to look forward to include:

  • From Humble Beginnings
    • Build a crew from a selection of upstarts, such as a common farmhand, brave blacksmith, or village alchemist.
    • Each has their own unique stats, abilities, and special traits.
  • Strategize and Triumph
    • Combat may be unforgiving but it rewards foresight and strategy.
    • To beat enemies in the new grid-based battle system, be sure to come up with a plan.
  • Muster Your Might
    • Outfit the members of the party with all the gear they need to overthrow an unjust ruler.
    • Remember that clothes make the mage and armor make the warrior.
    • Plunder chests and fallen foes to discover powerful items that offer unique abilities, enhanced stats, and tactical advantages.

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