Jeff Kaplan Hints At Overwatch Winston Skin, Symmetra Rework

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Symmetra wants to give you a hug.
Symmetra wants to give you a hug. Blizzard

Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s one true savior and lead game designer, spent some time on the Blizzard forums yesterday and shared some juicy info. The most charming man at Blizzard spends a lot of time answering fan questions and queries and gives outsiders an insider’s look to what crazy shenanigans the OW family is working on. There’s a new Winston skin, another Symmetra rework and Mei bug fixes are on the way.

Winston Skin- Kaplan likes to hint at things without actually giving any real information. Then, when the community picks up on it and blows it entirely out of proportion, he can just sit back with a glass of brandy and cackle into his money pit. We know there’s a new skin coming sometime in “Spring 2018,” which is quite a large amount of time to speculate. The top reddit post points to an Uprising or Anniversary event skin, though it’s still entirely possible for Blizzard to surprise us with something new.

Symmetra Rework- “Symmetra changes are going to take time,” Kaplan wrote on the forums. The dev team is currently focused on fixing Doomfist, Mei, Hanzo and creating the newest hero, but Blizzard still want to give the architect some love. “New animation, sound and art” will be required according to Kaplan, meaning she’ll be getting a major rework and overhaul. These aren’t just a few asset flips that fix the problem — Symmetra has consistently been the most problematic hero in the game. No matter what they add, whether it’s moving shields or extra turrets, Symmetra always seems to come off as a gimmicky loser. Let’s see if Blizzard can get her right on the third try.

Mei Bugs- The frozen femme fatale can be kind of buggy, which is incredibly frustrating for players. Having your immobile body pulled out of Cryofreeze is agonizingly stressful, but it looks like the Overwatch developer team is looking into it.

Hanzo Buffs- We’re trying a sped up version of his base arrows,” Kaplan wrote. “It gives him more reliability that puts him more on par with Widowmaker. Feels pretty good so far.” Don’t think I can add to that.

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