Johnny Yang Iron Fist Costume Is Almost Everything Fans Wanted

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One of the best moments of Iron Fist was Johnny Yang in the classic Iron fist costume, which Finn Jones never wears in the Netflix series. A behind-the-scenes photo posted by Yang gave fans a closer look at the black-and-white video Bakuto showed Danny of a previous Iron Fist in action in the year 1948. While the photo was viewable on Instagram all yesterday, it has since been taken down. What’s the issue?

Better look at Johnny Yang in the Iron Fist suit. from Defenders

Marvel may have been trying to save the full costume reveal for Danny Rand in The Defenders. Since Jessica Jones and Luke Cage like to fight in street clothes, Iron Fist shouldn’t leave Daredevil hanging out in a fancy costume all by himself. However, the excitement this photo made all over social media proves Danny Rand’s costume doesn’t have to be all that fancy. We just wanted to see someone kicking ass in some green and gold fabric and a bandana, and it was still awesome even in black and white (my personal favorite moment of the show).

Will we ever see Danny Rand in this costume?
Will we ever see Danny Rand in this costume? Netflix

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While Finn Jones maintains his character is not a hero yet, the green and yellow robes he wears on K'un-L'un weren't enough to satisfy most fans, who wanted to see more homage paid the visuals in the comics. Either a dragon, more K'un-Lun landscape, or a martial arts expert throwing kicks in traditional garbs would have given the show more spark. That’s why this photo was so exciting.

Why did Marvel have to go and ruin all the fun? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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