Joey Bada$$ Says Pro Era Collective Project And Nyck Caution Album Coming ‘Real Soon’ [VIDEO]

Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era are releasing a collective project very soon. Nyck Caution's debut album is also on the way. Dee Frosted / Wild Magazine

Even though Nyck Caution just released a 3 track EP called 22, expect another drop shortly. During an interview with Hot New Hip Hop, the 22-year-old told listeners his debut album is finished and coming “real real soon.” Joey Bada$$ also mentioned the whole Pro Era hip hop collective is working on an entirely new project set to release soon. 

Pro Era has been quiet about any details regarding Nyck Caution's album. One of the Brooklyn rapper’s most popular songs, "Church," could appear on his upcoming project. All clues point to an album titled Disguise The Limit, but nothing has been confirmed. Nyck raps "Disguise the limit, coming real, real soon" at the end of his song “Light Through The Cracks” and also tweeted the rumored title late December.

During the HNHH interview, Nyck talked specifically about one 5-6 minute record with Joey Bada$$ that will be included on the album. “The record we have on the project isn't like anything I've ever heard in life ever. It’s literally like a trip,” he said. “I don't want people to expect anything from me because I got a lot more than they expect. ‘Church’ is just a taste.”

Joey Bada$$ praised his labelmate for bringing a fresh sound to his new album.“Once you hear the full project it's like wow, he’s also a full artist as well. He can compose songs,” Joey Bada$$ said. Nyck has already proven he is artistic capacity in “Church” and other songs like “Light Through The Cracks.”

“Nyck is a talented MC. Everyone already knows Nyck is a spitter. He is lyrical and he excels in that range, but when I heard the full project, it was like okay, wow.”

The album will focus on Nycks life growing up in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, which Joey explains was much different than his own upbringing in Bed-Stuy. “His project for me opened my eyes a lot because we are from two different neighborhoods. His project brought me into his world, which is slightly different from mine. These guys are sniffin coke. These guys are poppin pills. There’s nothing like it out right now.”

The conversation shifted to stereotypes of white rappers. Joey Bada$$ pointed out most people don’t identify Nyck as white. “I thought he was Spanish the first time I met him,” Joey said.

Nyck acknowledged there is a particular stylistic and lyrical sphere associated with white rappers, but says it doesn't affect his music. “It’s just not what I fall into at all. I don’t have any [of those] characteristics. Why am I going to try and change my subject matter because of my skin color? I'm not acting like I'm anything. I’m just rapping.”

Joey Bada$$ concludes by talking about the future of Pro Era. As the founder, he hopes to build healthy competition with prominent rappers in the game and solidify the Pro Era name within the industry. “There are a lot of people who are unaware of the talent and the greatness that this collective possess.”

Pro Era has not confirmed a release date for Nyck Caution’s album, but both Joey Bada$$ and Nyck Caution have assured fans it's coming very soon.

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