Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer Breakdown, Release Date, Easter Eggs & Predictions

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jessica jones season 2 trailer
Alias is up and running again, new door and all. Marvel-Netflix

After two years, we finally have the continuation of Jessica Jones we’ve been waiting for. While the second season technically picks up after The Defenders, the new trailer reveals Jessica Jones is still battling the same demons — she’s got unfinished business. Here’s every little detail we picked up from the new Jessica Jones Season 2 one-minute trailer.


David Tennant is back as Kilgrave, but this time, he’s just a figment of Jessica’s imagination. Whether she’s experiencing a psychosis, dreams, or flashbacks remain to be seen.

jessica jones season 2 kilgrave trailer
A photo of Jessica Jones in the same style as her comic book covers. Could it be leftover from Kilgrave's collection? Photo: Marvel-Netflix

Luke Cage

No sign of the Harlem hero in the trailer, though it’s worth noting we do see Jessica Jones seemingly back in the bar we last saw her and Luke Cage chatting at in the last episode of The Defenders.

Origin Story

How did Jessica Jones get her powers? We’ve been wondering since Season 1 and we want a more detailed explanation than an accident with a chemical truck and some experiments. If Trish has anything to say about it, we’ll get the full story soon enough.

jessica jones season 2 trailer origins
What is the true source of Jessica Jones' powers? Photo: Marvel-Netflix


Jessica Jones doesn’t need a man, but she sure as hell loves their company. The new character played by J R Ramirez (of Arrow and Power ) appears to be one of Jessica’s romantic interests this season. He’s a single father who moved into Jessica’s building.


Eka Darville’s role as Jessica’s neighbor-turned-friend has increased as the series has progressed — even in The Defenders — and hopefully we'll get to learn more about him in Season 2. During a pivotal scene in the new trailer, Jessica gets arrested and it’s Malcolm who's with her. What did she get arrested for? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The first photo from Jessica Jones Season 2. Photo: Netflix/ Marvel

Spider-Man Easter Egg

“If you say with great power comes great responsibility, I swear I’ll throw up on you” If you’re not familiar, that’s the classic Uncle Ben line we didn’t hear in Spider-Man. What many fans might not know is Peter and Jessica both went to Midtown High in the comics and were acquaintances.

New Synopsis

New York City private investigator Jessica Jones begins to put her life back together after she murdered her tormenter, Kilgrave. Now known throughout the city as a super-powered killer, a new case makes her reluctantly confront who she really is while digging deeper into her past to explore the reasons why.

jessica jones
Jessica Jones Season 2 release date revealed. Photo: Marvel

Release Date

Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives on Netflix on March, 8 at 3:00 am EST. If you’re wondering why March 8 isn’t a Friday per usual Marvel-Netflix scheduling, it’s because Thursday is Women's Day. What better way to celebrate than getting drunk and kicking ass with JJ?

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