‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Release Date: Filming Set For 2017

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'Jessica Jones' Season 2 starts production in 2017. Marvel / Netflix

Come fall, it’ll be a year since Jessica Jones stepped into the MCU. Netflix and Marvel are great at keeping secrets and there’s been virtually no updates on the progress of the second season. Jessica Jones Season 2 wasn’t officially confirmed until January. Details about casting changes and plot twists are sparse, but Bloomberg was able to catch up with EP Melissa Rosenberg this week and she revealed Jessica Jone s Season 2 is scheduled to start production in 2017.

Right after the first season of Jessica Jones was released, Rosenberg also revealed to CinemaBlend that The Defenders has to start filming by a certain time, contractually. “Will it be before The Defenders or after? I'd certainly love it to be before but there are things that play into that — time, availability,” she added.

It’s too early for spoilers, but we can still make a few predictions based on the way Season 1 left off and small tidbits from the creative team. Rosenberg gave Deadline a few hints on new story arcs, but said she’d like to expand on the current cast.

“[Trish] is one of the characters that I’m looking forward to exploring, and pushing to new territory, and the world is our oyster on that one. We can go anywhere we want with it and there’s a lot of mythology behind her.”

Rosenberg is referring to Hellcat, Trish’s superhero alias. In the series, Trish isn’t known to have mystical powers like she does in the comics. However, in both universes she’s a trained martial artist.  Trish (aka Patsy Walker) urged Jessica to use her powers to do good and helped take down Killgrave in Season 1.

Now that Killgrave is out of the picture, Jessica Jones needs a new villain. Officer Will Simpson is an intuitive pick. He became obsessed with super strength pills and his character appears to be transforming in the direction of a violent villain named Nuke. First introduced in Daredevil comics, Jessica Jones and Nuke never came into contact with each other. However, the MCU is known to switch things up a bit and merge pre-existing storylines.

After Jessica Jones saved Will from Kilgrave’s mind control, he’s out for vengeance. He reaches out to his old military unit for experimental drugs to combat Kilgrave’s powers. The side effects make him go crazy. He turns against Jessica Jones and Trish because he doesn’t believe they have what it takes to eliminate Killgrave for good. Trish is able to stop him, but he gets taken away by secret military organization called ‘IGH.’ This is the same group that gave Will the enhancers that made him manic, and IGH is also the organization that covered Jessica’s medical bills after the car crash that killed her family.

Given the information we have, the next series to release following Iron Fist is leaning toward The Defenders ( Charlie Cox recently disclosed The Defenders will begin production at the end of 2016). Iron Fist just started filming this month. Luke Cage premieres September 30.

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