Iron Marines Invasion is Coming to Android and iOS

A new title joins the franchise.
A new title joins the franchise. Ironhide Game Studio

A new title from the Iron Marines series is coming out later this year. Iron Marines Invasion is launching on Android and iOS devices.

Iron Marines is an RTS game with a sci-fi setting. The original game has won a lot of awards, including the #1 Paid App in the App Store and the 2017 Android Excellence Award by Google Play. The game even won the BIG Festival's Best Latin American Game in 2018.

In Iron Marines Invasion, players are invited to discover and conquer many worlds across deep space and unravel a story full of challenges and threats. It’s important to remember that in deep space, nothing lasts long, even peace.

The game offers unique stage missions and special operations in exciting new worlds. Each world has its own unique terrain, style, enemies, and conditions. Discover how to defeat them one by one, but players won’t be doing it alone since they command troops of the Federation across the galaxy. Also, there are heroes and units more than willing to lend their skills.

Features of the game include:

  • More than 25 campaign missions that take players to the most incredible worlds. There are tons of planets for players to explore and defend by planning a tight strategic game plan.
  • ​70 special operations for players to upgrade their Marine abilities to the peak level.
  • There are 9 unit groups for a total of 27 different troops. It’s possible to combine backup depending on the mission and strategy.
  • ​Choose from 9 powerful heroes with strong skills to train. Help them become the Galaxy’s finest.
  • ​Get 8 Special Weapons to boost army tactics to the stars. Set the game plan and take advantage of instant weapons like bouncers, toxic bombs, or drone factories.
  • ​Players can choose from 40 upgrades to improve their strategy and empower units with defense drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts, and more.
  • Players can get at least 20 Achievements to show how much of a real-time strategy expert they’ve become.

Pre-register for Iron Marines Invasion is now available on the App Store and Google Play. What do you think? Ready for a new adventure in space?

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