'Iron Fist’ Release Time: Here's When Netflix Premiere Goes Live

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Danny Rand harnesses all his spiritual energy, chi, to form his iconic Iron Fist and gain supernatural abilities. Marvel

The Iron Fist Netflix release time is almost here. All 13 episodes stream on March 17 at 12:01 a.m. PDT. For folks on the East Coast, that means you'll have to wait until 3:01 a.m. to officially meet Danny Rand, the last member of the upcoming Defenders team, which also includes Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

Iron Fist Season 1 will explore the origins of Danny Rand and his journey from K’un-Lun back to New York City. Marvel-Netflix fans are already familiar with a few characters from Daredevil who will appear, including Madame Gao, Jeri Hogarth, The Hand and Claire Temple.

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Our first look at Danny Rand's chest branded from battle with the Shou-Lao dragon. Photo: Marvel

Fans of the Iron Fist comics should also look forward to seeing canon characters like Steel Serpent, Lei-Kung, Harold Meachum and Colleen Wing in particular, who will also star in The Defenders and is a member of Heroes For Hire in the comics.

Unfortunately, Iron Fist will not wear his classic costume (yet). The closest we’ll get this season are his green and gold kasaya robes during his training on K’un-Lun. While in New York, Danny will fight in business suits, sneakers, sweatpants and button-downs revealing the dragon insignia on his chest instead.

This could be the closest we'll get to Iron Fist's most popular costume in the comics. Photo: Marvel

Scenes previewed at New York Comic Con suggest we’ll see a lot of tension between Danny and his old friends, Joy and Ward Meachum, who have taken over his father’s business: Rand Industries. Danny even gets kicked out of his own building in one scene. The Meachums’ father, Harold, also shows a peculiar interest in Danny, questioning him about someone named the Crane Mother and the monastery where he was raised.

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Even though controversy is running high and the reviews for Iron Fist released so far have all been terrible, we will be watching even if it sucks. If you can get past Danny Rand’s problematic character, there are tons of important moments coming. Finn Jones teased Iron Fist doesn’t really end until the last episodes of The Defenders, which suggests whatever is happening by the end of Iron Fist will tie together all four of Marvel’s Netflix shows.

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