Intruder Update 2335: Changes to Glass and Sounds, Plus Bug Fixes

Intruder Update 2335
Intruder Update 2335 steam

Update 2335 for Intruder is now available to download on PC. The game is still in early access, so you can expect many changes before the official launch. This new update introduces changes to glass and sound and bug fixes.

Glass Changes

Developers updated the glass particles to make them look more realistic. It also produces different pitches according to the size of broken panes, which should give you an idea of where the enemy shot is from.

That’s not all, the glass particles are now discrete and physical objects, which means if broken they will fall to the ground and interact with the environment properly. Previously, glass particles used to just fall through the floor, which made them look unrealistic.

Sound Changes

Developers also made sound changes to certain items, which can give away the player’s position. The package is one of the items that now make a sound when you drop it down on the floor. The enemy can pick up on the sound and find you easily. So, be careful while dropping it or using it as bait.

Intruder Update 2335

All Official Maps
  • Doors - Doors should no longer push players into walls.
  • Misaligned or floating objects - Many objects were moved to properly line up, which eliminates gaps, clipping, and other issues.
  • Clocks - Clocks now have updated models and move in sync with game time.
Bug Fixes
  • Smoke should no longer pass through surfaces as much as it has in the past.
  • Smoke and CS gas no longer work under water.
  • Laser Sensors no longer endlessly beep if someone is stationary in front of them.
  • Stumbling on a slippery surface should no longer spam the slipping noise.
  • Falcon Scope no longer gets washed out when in a bright light.
  • Corrected textures, updated texture resolutions, and fixed lighting on certain objects.
  • Back to back glass panes should both crack when shot through with a single bullet.
  • Can no longer have multiple players hack the same terminal for double hacks. Players can still simultaneously hack different terminals within the same group.
  • Can no longer hack after round end.
  • Bullet impact effects no longer float in the air if the object they were on is picked up.
  • Taking a picture with the Bloon Cam at the same frame a round ends no longer breaks the HUD.
  • Breaking glass and switching weapons simultaneously no longer locks your mouse or prevents you from changing weapons.
  • Multiple sounds have been cleaned up and optimized.

You can read more about the update here.

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