Intravenous Update 1.3 New Features and Bug Fixes

Intravenous Steam

Intravenous recently received Update 1.3, which added new features and bug fixes. The developers have introduced rain to the game and it has many new applications. Rain will increase ambient noise levels both inside and outside of buildings, which allows players to sneak around smoothly.

Additionally, the developers introduced new gameplay mutators. One of these is the magazine system, a currency system for the loadouts intended to make the start of the game harder. This is particularly designed for those who love realism.

One issue wherein players were able to interact with doors/objects while climbing over things has been fixed as well.

Intravenous Update 1.3

  • Can select whether falling rain droplets should be affected by lighting in the options menu - no impact on performance, this is purely a preferential choice
New Gameplay Mutators
  • Bankrupt Accomplice: When enabled, the equipment present in the loadout menu will be very limited. You'll need to find and exfiltrate with weapons in your possession if you wish to use them for the next missions. This setting completely ignores the weapons you've unlocked on your previous playthroughs.
  • Currency system: Requires Bankrupt Accomplice to be enabled; when enabled - even more weapons become unavailable. In addition to exfiltrating with weapons in your possession, you will be able to spend money, which you earn by completing the campaign missions, to unlock weapons. Those looking for more "graded" progression equipment-wise should like this one.
  • Sawn-off shotguns for everyone: What it says on the tin. Are you a bad enough dude to go against an army of sawn-off shotgun-wielding goons?
  • Desert Eagles for everyone: Same as the sawn-off mutator. Combines well with the "Very Unfair" weapon randomization difficulty option.
  • Ricochet party: Bullets always ricochet off surfaces. Try not to kill yourself with your own bullets, eh?
  • Exploding enemies: When enemies die, they explode. Doesn't apply to non-lethal neutralizations.
  • Blinding enemies: Same as exploding enemies, except they blind everyone around them.
  • Always rainy: Rain is present on all levels where it can be present. Makes stealth easier, as the sound of rain masks the player's noise.
  • Never rainy: Does the opposite of "always rainy." This one seemed necessary since there is rain in the base game campaign now.
  • Coin-flip rain: 50/50 chance on whether rain will be present.
  • Dynamic rain: Rain might start as you're playing through a level... or it might not
  • Enemies always alert: Enemies start out in their alert state.
  • Waking enemies: Unconscious enemies will not remain knocked out forever.

You can read more about the update here.

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