Insomniac’s Spider-Man Release Date Leaked Via Online Listing

Spider-Man Ps4 Insomniac

A European retailer might have revealed the release date of the largely anticipated PS4 exclusive Spider-Man. According to the Sweden-based Coolshop, the game will hit shelves on Sept. 28. As of now, Insomniac games did not repudiate this listing, which led many fans to assume this information to be correct. It would be consistent with a tweet the studio posted a little while back that suggests the game would definitely be released sometime this year.

The developers have already completed several playthroughs of the game and their enthusiasm has not dwindled in the slightest since the game’s reveal all the way back at E3 2016. The game will feature a more established, 23-year-old Spider-Man, who will be in his final year of college and eight years into his vigilante career. As is the case with any worthwhile Spidey story, Insomniac’s Spider-Man will see Parker struggle to reconcile the duality that often encumbers him. Mr. Negative will serve as the primary villain, who happens to own one of the shelters that Aunt May works at.

The developers have a great premise here and the team’s steadfast vehemence makes me confident that they’ll deliver. Only seven months away? Hopefully.


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