‘Injustice 2’ Robin And Doctor Fate Gameplay Shown In Twitch Stream

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Robin will be in 'Injustice 2'
Robin will be in 'Injustice 2' NetherRealm Studios

The latest Injustice 2 Watchtower stream showed off gameplay of Robin and Doctor Fate with in-depth looks at some of the new gear and both character’s special moves.

As with every previous Injustice 2 Watchtower Twitch stream, the NetherRealm Studios crew answered some questions over Twitter.Here are the highlights of those questions, mostly having to deal with the gear system (as most of the questions are).

-Will Gear drop in the Story mode? Yes players will along with shaders and other “fun surprises.”

-No gear can be equipped during the story.

-Gear drops in every mode outside of story, single-player vs. CPU and local multiplayer.

-Injustice 2 is not region-locked.

-Gear levels depend on your level when you obtain them. Same gear can be obtained but with different levels.

The crew brought in two of the developers who worked on Robin and Doctor Fate to break down the different moves and gears that you can use in Injustice 2, starting with Robin.


Robin has a sword spin that can be used a wakeup attack and launch opponents into the air. This can be done in the air as an air overhead attack. The meter burn pops up the opponent to act as a combo starter.

The other is an Assassin Slash that lets Robin run across the screen and slash or stab the opponent. You can use this to trick opponents or as combo enders.

Robin’s Birdarang that acts like Batman’s Batarang but its movements are more unpredictable. They act more like homing projectiles than normal ones.

Swoop that is a dive kick that has different ranges. This is used only on the ground and hits overhead and players can change where Robin lands. It’s a pretty good combo starter.

Robin’s character power can throw three different gadgets. The yellow one it sticks into the ground and Robin can teleport to where the gadget is (Minato-style). The red gadget is a bomb that can be detonated at any time. The blue gadget will launch behind the opponent and can be called back like a boomerang.

As for Robin’s gear, Robin’s hood can be removed with gear and his sword can be changed as you obtain new ones.

There’s a red assassin costume and a special power that is called “Line in the Sand.” Robin cuts a line in the ground and if an opponent crosses it, they will lose health and meter.

There’s a low Birdarang variant, and a variation of the Swoop that when you meter burn you can teleport in front of the opponent after swooping.


Doctor Fate specializes in defensive plays and zoning and has some of the best specials in the game.

His fireball is very quick and recovers very fast. The meter burn shoots three fireballs. His Displacer Orb is a slower, larger projectile that will force opponents to avoid it while Doctor Fate continues throwing fireballs. The meter burn stops the orb in mid-air and stays there.

Another special has Doctor Fate summon a symbol that emits a healing aura. He also has a glyph push that will either push your opponent or if your opponent is blocking, will push Doctor Fate back to give space. It’s great when fighting someone up close.

Doctor Fate can summon a glyph that can attach to your opponent. Each pillar will drain health and you can summon up to three and if all three get attached, a pillar of light will hurt the opponent.

He can also lock level interactions so opponents can’t use them, but he still can.

Doctor Fate’s character power is a buff to all of his special moves.

Some variations are with his Orb, which becomes slower but is homing. The other variation is the glyph that heals/damages. Instead of a gradual heal/damage it will explode with one burst of healing or damage. Another variation is his glyph push will absorb projectiles. Doctor Fate can also get a gear ability that can let him air dash.

Injustice 2 will release May 16.

So what do you think of Robin and Doctor Fate in Injustice 2? Which of the two is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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